Friday, November 27, 2020

A Sweatshirt & Matching Scarf

 Hello Readers. How are you? I did a sweatshirt update recently. It was quick and easy.

 I liked the color of this sweatshirt. I also like how they reversed the fabric and used it as a contrast on the sleeves. It was a little over-sized on me. I thought I could do something more with it.

Those sleeves were too long. I liked the color contrast and decided to keep some of it. I thought I would like even more of that reversed fabric somewhere on the shirt. I decided to make pockets and add them on the front of this shirt. 

Actual pocket sewing right here!

I also took in the sides of the shirt to improve the fit a little.

  The pockets added a little something to the shirt.  And the shirt was a great match for this infinity scarf my daughter made for me. It's cold enough for a scarf now.

The cool thing about the scarf is that there is a hidden zipper pocket that is large enough for a phone, wallet, passport, keys, or whatever you want. It is great for being hands free when out or traveling.

 If you like the scarf, you can check out more scarves and other items at her on-line shop Hope Makers Boutique. 
  Her business only sells from ethically sourced products that support ministries and charities. She said about her business: My biggest hope for this small venture is that it will communicate in ordinary ways a big truth: THERE IS HOPE. We can use our purchasing power to buy from brands that are intentionally set up to make a difference. THERE IS HOPE when your purchase of a necklace helps give a mother a job with safe working conditions that also allows her to provide for her children. THERE IS HOPE when you buy ethically sourced tea and gift it to a friend who needs a reminder they are not alone… Together we can be HOPE MAKERS.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

My Jeans Are Too Tight

 Hello Readers. It's almost time for America to celebrate Thanksgiving. That usually means turkey and stuffing. My family doesn't love turkey so we went rogue a few years ago. We have a roast or ham, lasagna, side dishes, veggies, bread and deserts. Of course, there are deserts. All this good food means I need cozy stretchy pants. Tight waistbands will ruin Thanksgiving for sure. But what if you gained a few pounds during Corona? I have an idea for that.

These green denim jeans had a little stretch to them already but that waistband was at maximum after quarantine. I was going to donate them because they were too tight in the waist and hips. They just were not comfortable at all. Then I had an idea.

I decided to make these pants larger. I cut the side seams open on both sides. I cut from the waist to the ankle.

I also cut up these leftover pant legs. I think I made shorts out of them and saved the legs. I cut the leftovers on the bias so I had long strips of gray fabric to use.

I used my sewing machine to put the pieces of gray sweatpants in the open side seams. I sewed them shut. Because I added the gray fabric on both sides it made the legs, hips and waistband grow.


I used the binding from the bottom of the sweat pant legs. I put the binding at the waist and the ankles of the new green jeans to make them look more polished and intentional. Are they sweats or jeans? You decide.

 These new green jeans were a perfect partner for this sparkly sweatshirt.

Thanksgiving 2020 has been down-sized at my house. This outfit will be dressy enough for the day and comfortable enough for me to eat pie and cupcakes after dinner. 

Thanks for reading along, I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is wonderful. If it isn't a holiday where you live, I wish you a great day.


Friday, November 20, 2020

Louis Vuitton

 Hello Readers. There is more to a clothes swap then just clothes. Sometimes there are handbags too.

  I found this Louis Vuitton bag and wasn't sure if it was real or a knock-off. I am no expert but it seemed like it could be legit!

I checked the inside and it had a pretty genuine looking label.

 I thought it was in good shape but then I saw the under side of the strap. YIKES! It was not looking good. It looked like a hobbit carried it on an adventure to Mordor.

 I didn't know you could buy so many parts to make bags yourself. My mother-in-law started making bags a few years ago. I had a small stash of purse straps and handles that my mother-in-law gave me. I decided to take the bag home and see what I could do with it. The first thing I did was clean it thoroughly. (Everything from a swap needs to be washed well.) I found this brown strap in my stash. It seemed to match really well. 

 I cut the old strap off and threw it in the trash. There was nothing that could be done with it. The new strap was able to be attached in 2 seconds and I was done. This might be the easiest refashion ever! I looked up the proper name for the strap hooks. They are bronze swivel anchor hooks. They are very strong and can be unhooked very easily.  I like cross-body bags so I was happy with how this turned out.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. 




Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Fall Denim Dress

 Hello Readers. It fall. It is a beautiful season. I love the cooler weather, the changing colors of the trees, Thanksgiving treats. Everything about fall is wonderful, right?

I found something from fall that is not wonderful. Y'all, this dress is just as bad as the green corduroy dress from a couple weeks ago. Why so dowdy???

Somehow someone made sunflowers seem drab. The biggest boldest flower in the world is somehow diminished by this dress. I don't like the wheat grass either. I am allergic to wheat, and this dress.

I cut the dress up the side, spread out all the fabric, and tried to fit this pattern on the fabric. It just barely fit. Why did I choose a denim mini? Well, my denim skirts are all too tight. (Thanks Corona!) I wanted to make sure this skirt will fit no matter what. I can adjust the tie and the skirt will always be comfy.

I realized that the skirt was too long. I wanted this skirt to be short and fun. (Like me?) This tan corduroy skirt is a great length so I used it as a model. I cut the hem off the denim dress/skirt and realized I could still use it. 

I used the dresses original hem as the waistband of my new skirt. This isn't what the pattern said to do. I just can't ever seem to follow directions fully. Do I have a problem being told what to do? Maybe.

The new skirt turned out the right length for me. I did not make a traditional tie for this wrap skirt. I added the big white button and I tied the one tie around it. There is a bit of Velcro inside to keep the skirt closed at the waist.

Here is an up-close view of the button and tie and a peek at the Velcro. The Velcro is super fast and easy. It also will adjust the size of the waist if it needs to. My tip- Put the soft Velcro facing your skin and the scratchy Velcro facing away from you.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Removing a Turtleneck

 Hello Readers. How are you? It is cold and rainy here and really feels like fall. A turtleneck shirt will keep you warm in chilly weather like this, but I hate them! I can't stand that feeling of fabric around my throat. I immediately feel like I am being strangled.

I also feel like I have no neck at all. There is nothing good about this turtleneck shirt. Or is there? It was super soft and stretchy and I am a sucker for navy blue stripes. These white jeans were a happy find. They are a little big but the denim has some spandex in it so they would be wonderful if they fit better.

I cut the neck right off the shirt. It could be worn like this but it looks a little unfinished and the raw cut fabric will stretch out a lot. I don't want that. 

 I cut the neck into a narrow strip of fabric. I folded it over like bias tape and used it as binding for the neck. I attached it to the outside and when it flipped up....

The seam was inside the shirt and the outside looked nicely finished. I went over it again to keep it laying smooth when I wear it.


 Here it is modeled by my dress form Rhonda. You can see all kinds of free, open neck exposed now that the turtleneck is gone.

Can you wear white jeans in fall or winter? I think you can. These white jeans were 1 size up. That was perfect. I had plenty of room for the hips and Corona tummy. I just took the legs in on the sides. I wanted skinny jeans that I could tuck into boots for cold weather.


When I made the new side seams I saw that these belt loops were in the way. I removed them with my seam ripper.


I reattached them when I was done sewing the side seams. Easy as pie. (Mmm, pie! Thanksgiving is coming!)

I thought this striped shirt would be a great base layer for cool weather and I was right. It was soft and cozy. I am going to leave the jeans a little loose until after the holidays. Just to be safe. (Pie!)


I wore it to the mailbox and to work. (I wish I has more exciting events to go to. 2020 is sometimes terrible and sometimes super boring.)

 Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Sweater to Cardigan

 Hello Readers. I found this Jaws t-shirt in a bag of hand-me-downs. I think it was intended for my son but it didn't fit him yet.  (Thanks to WB and BB!) Do you remember the original Jaws movie? I have never seen the whole thing. I scare easy and I can't handle scary movies well. I have terrible nightmares about whatever was in the movie.

I have had this sweater for a long time and I love gray. This sweater has gotten a little tight (Thanks Corona!) I wanted to make it more comfortable and I wanted to show off the Jaws shirt.

I cut the sweater right up the middle. I used the design of the sweater as a guide to make my cut straight.

I was going to have to do something about that raw cut edge. The sweater will fray for sure. My solution was to fold some gray ribbon in half and use it as bias tape.

I stitched the ribbon on to cover the cut edge. The ribbon covers the outside and the inside. The sweater can't fray if it is sewn inside the folded ribbon.

I added some white trim for fun. Why not jazz it up? You could add even more trim and get really wild with it if you want.

I realized that the sweater would hang open so I added some additional lace to the inside as well.

So, back to Jaws. I cut the neckband off the shirt to open up the neck and shoulders of the shirt and make it more comfortable. I trimmed off the little uneven bits.

I wore this fun combo to get my hair cut for the first time in a long time but you can't see it in this picture.

Here is a before and after of the hair. It was pretty scraggly and the ends were fried. I got the same messy layers I always get. I was very happy with the fresh cut. (Thanks Misty!)

This sweater will be nice to throw on over a t-shirt or something dressier. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.