Friday, October 11, 2019

I Made A Jumpsuit

Hello Readers. One of the problems with being very short is that maxi-dresses never fit. (It's nothing serious in the big scheme of things, I know.)

 This dress fits well everywhere but skirt drags on the floor. It could be shortened and hemmed or I could do something else...

I decided to make a jumpsuit. I already had one I loved that I could use as a pattern. I was trusting that the simple loose shape of the jumpsuit will be easy to copy.

I didn't cut much, I only cut the legs from the skirt. It seemed like the crotch was too low. That worried me but I decided to trust the shape of the original jumpsuit.

The body was very baggy so I was going to add and elastic waistband to give it shape. I used the original to decide where to place the elastic.
It worked out great! When I added the elastic waist it made the fit just right. It was super comfortable like pajamas! I have to step in to it and wiggle a little to get it on but,
 it works.
I also stitched a crotch seam in the front and the back. Just making a seam in the right place made the pants fit so well. 

Thanks for reading along now go make something fun for yourself.
*** PART TWO***
Hello Readers. I am back. A reader asked a great question in the comments. I decided to add a couple pictures so that it would be more clear how I made the crotch fit well.
I stitched a straight line down the front and back. I made a 1/2 inch seam in the front. I wanted to take a bit of excess out off the front so the fit would be closer. That is why the seam allowance was bigger.
 I needed all the room in the back I could get so I had room for my back end. I made the seam in the back only 1/8 inch so it would look like pants that were sewn together but I didn't want the the fit tighter.

I hope this makes things a little clearer. And as always thanks for reading along!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Covered in Leaves Shirt

Hello Readers. It's getting cooler and the leaves are falling from the trees. It's time to do something with this denim shirt. It is covered with leaves. And I mean covered.

I didn't like this shirt on me very much. The leaves and vines were a very busy pattern and I felt absolutely overwhelmed. The denim was also very thick and heavy. It looked like a shirt but it felt more like a jacket. So what should I do with it?

 That's right I made a pillow. A pillow that looks perfect for Fall. I stitched a closed square. Then I used the buttons to open and close the pillow and put in the pillow form. What about those sleeves? They must be good for something right?

Could I use it to dress up these candles? 

  I made some basic tubes and stuck the candles inside. Will they catch fire if I light the candles? I don't know..... I am concerned... I won't light them with the fabric on them. They smell good without the open flame anyway. I do like the changing seasons and the colors of the leaves. I just didn't like them all over me. They are better on this pillow.

Thanks for reading along, Now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Adding Sleeves

Hello Readers. It all started when my daughter cut the sleeves off one of her shirts. I had some pretty sleeves laying around and didn't know what to do with them. What do you do with extra sleeves? That is a good question!

My daughter cut these sleeves off a shirt to make a tank top. I saved them because... I save everything. She also gave me this purple t-shirt. I noticed that the sleeves seemed to match and that was that. The sleeves had a new home.

I cut the short sleeves off the purple shirt. I didn't cut the armhole seam off the t-shirt just the sleeves. I used them as a guide to cut the striped sleeves into the right shape.

I gently stretched the purple armholes as I stitched the striped sleeves into place. This made the sleeves fit perfectly and gather gently when I was done sewing.

The purple shirt was a little low cut for me so I used the scraps from the sleeves to make a little more coverage for the V-neck. I stitched it in place by hand.

It is a great shirt for the cooler days of early fall. If the cooler days of early fall ever arrive in my part of the world. It has been hot and humid and I am sitting by my air conditioner with a cold drink. C'mon cool weather where are you?

It was also a great shirt to go see a movie with my mom and my daughter. This theater had reclining seats with foot rests, snack trays, and strong A.C., it was great!

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Comicbook T-shirt 3

Hello Readers. This is my last comic book t-shirt. At least for now. Who knows what the future holds. Today it is time for Captain Marvel.

Does this photo look altered? OK, confession. I forgot to get a photo of this shirt before I started cutting it apart. It is basically the same shirt (Same size, same color, same maker.) as my last post it just has a different image on the front. I added the Captain Marvel image so you would have a better idea of what it looked like.

Look at Captain Marvel. She looks great, she has a cool costume, she can fly... what's not to love.

I cut a simple sleeveless style shirt from this basic men's t-shirt. It was very long so I cut some of the length off too.

I used some little pieces from the hem to tie the shoulder fabric together. It made the shoulders gathered and more narrow. It made the shape more interesting and feminine. I cut the ends of the ties off when I was done.

 It is a great shirt for the hot summer weather we still have in my part of the world. Where is that cool Autumn weather people are talking about?

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Comicbook T-shirt 2

Hello Readers. It's time for another comic book t-shirt. This is a "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" shirt. I guess it's a promotional movie t-shirt. It's too late to change the title... let's  just roll with it. My son didn't want this shirt and I snatched it up.

I found this coral t-shirt at a clothes swap and I loved the color. It says "more naps please". (It's hard to argue with wisdom like that.) It was too large in the neckline so I needed to do something else with it. 
The black shirt was much too large, but I could use that cool image on the front. Let's put these shirts together.
I am wearing shorts. I promise.

 I cut the image off the shirt.

I cut the front of the black shirt at an angle. I kept the neckband attached and pinned it on the front of the coral shirt. I put the black piece into the front of the coral shirt. The black piece I put in was smaller than the coral piece I cut out. That made the shirt fit better.

The front is the black design and the back of the shirt is the bright coral color. It was really long so I shortened it. And that was that.

And that polite request for more naps? I put it on a sleep mask. Will I get more naps? I don't know.

I sure hope so!
Actual morning photo. Actual morning cup of tea. Actual morning bed-head.
Thanks for reading along now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Comicbook T-shirt 1

Hello Readers. Are you into comic books? I am not a hard-core fan but my older son had some shirts he didn't want and you know what that means...I start taking what I like.

The first shirt that caught my eye was this Incredible Hulk shirt. This Hulk was so cute, and it was designed to look like the cover of a vintage comic book. That was cute too. I also had memories of the TV show version of the Hulk that I watched as a kid. Do you remember this show? I remember being super impressed at the time but the special effects are really weak. So, the Hulk and I go way back. 
Back to this shirt, it was too big and needed some refashion help.

 Here comes the help. My daughter didn't want this shirt and I could kind of see why. I don't get a message from this shirt. I am 100% all in for recycling but was this shirt calling me trashy? Was it calling other people trashy? I didn't like that. I did like the fit and the sleeveless style and the knot. You can see what's coming right?

 I cut the Hulk off the shirt. I tried to make a perfect rectangle to keep the comic book shape and vibe. It wasn't actually perfect but it was close.

I positioned the Hulk piece on the gray shirt. I used a little bit of iron-on tape to keep it in place for the sewing I was going to do. I could have pinned it, but I thought it would shift around and I would get angry.
As angry as the Hulk! (You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.)

I used a zig-zag stitch all the way around the rectangle shape. I wasn't worried that it would fray, I just wanted to make it look more finished

Here is a peek at the inside. You can see the outline of the stitching on the left. The right is what the inside looked like when I cut out the trashy logo from the gray shirt. I didn't want the front to have 2 layers. I wanted it to be light-weight.

Here is my finished shirt. I wish I could say I went out and exercised in this.

Here I am making dinner in this shirt. I now, the excitement is almost too much. This shirt is perfect for wearing to workout or lounge at home. It's also great for pajamas that you can go outside in and not look like you are wearing pajamas. I think I could style this one with jeans and make it cute too.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, September 20, 2019

The Button Down Dress/Jacket

Hello Readers. I have yet another dress from my daughter to show you. This dress was too small on her and she passed it on to me. (It really pays to have a tall daughter!)

The dress sort of fit barely me. It had a lot of stretch so, I was physically able to get into it. I did manage to button it. It was too tight though. I could have made it into a skirt, but I had another idea.

I wanted to keep it as a jacket style shirt. Is there a real word for that? I can't think of one. I cut the dress off right under the button placket. I also cut the very bottom of the jacket off as well. I wanted that hemmed edge. I cut off a little extra so I could fold the edge under and stitch it down. It was going to be a belt. There were belt loops, it should have a belt, right?

Here is my new short sleeve jacket. It fits comfortably, as long as I don't try to button it closed. I liked how it looked a little like a trench coat. I wasn't sure about the belt. Should I let the ends hang? Should I tie the ends in knots?

I decided to connect the ends in the back and add buttons so it looked more finished. I really liked how this turned out.The ends will stay out of the way but it still looks like a belt.

I liked wearing it open and I thought it was great for a casual work day.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.