Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Dress to 2 Piece

 Hello Readers. How is August treating you? It is so hot and so humid right now. Wearing dresses is much more comfortable than wearing shorts and pants to me. I wanted to update this floral dress a little and make it a 2 piece outfit.

Before and after.

This dress was pretty. It was cotton and the flowers were perfect for summer. The length was not right on me at all. I was too short for this dress. It was too long on me. It needed some adjustments. 

I cut the dress into 2 pieces. I cut under the waist seam and left a little bit of fabric so I can turn it under and stitch it down.

 I used my serger around the cut edge at the bottom of my new shirt (Gray thread.) and then turned it inside so I could stitch it in place.
  I stitched it down with a straight stitch. You can see it along the bottom edge of my new top.

I had a plan for the waistband. Here is a quick overview of what I was going to do.

The next step was to make the waistband look nice and neatly finished. 

To get a smooth waistband I pulled the elastic very gently and made it smooth while I was sewing. When I let it go it will gather back together on its own. This keeps it stretchy enough to pull on and off.

My 2 piece dress was finished. I liked how it turned out. I used the bottom of the dress for this skirt and it made a nice A-line shape.

The elastic waistband looks nicely gathered and it was easy to make. 

It was great for a little dinner out. Happy Anniversary to us. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Happy Warm Sunshine Dress

 Hello Readers. I can't believe it is August already but here we are in the heat of late summer. August makes me think of sunshine and warm happy days. That is my theme this month, Happy Warm Sunshine! I found this plain white linen dress at a swap and knew it was a perfect blank canvas for a refashion.

Before and after.

Linen is so light and breathable in the heat of summer. I knew this dress would be comfortable. It's perfect for August. This dress fit pretty well. linen doesn't stretch so it couldn't be too fitted. Some cons for this dress were that I thought it was a little long on me and I thought the white was a little boring. I can fix both of those things, let's go.

I cooked up some yellow dye on my stove. (Rit dye to be precise. This is not an ad. They do not know me. I wish they did though, I love them.) I did not want to dye the whole dress. I wanted to dip and hang the dress so it had variation in the color. I did not dye the shoulders at all. I put the dress on a hanger and hung the hanger on my microwave. 

I waited about 10 minutes and moved the dress up. Then I waited 10 minutes and moved the dress up again. 

I have a cabinet above the microwave and I used that to hang the dress at the end of this dye process. You can see the dress has some uneven shades of yellow. That's OK. I like it. If you want very even color form the dye you need to stir the dye and the garment continuously. When I was done I rinsed the dress well and gave it a quick wash and dry.

I shortened the dress by cutting 6 inches off. I measured it to make sure it was even.

This is a quick over view of the hem and the cotton lining underneath the dress. 

This dress was much better a bit shorter, it just needed a sunny day to go out.

    I tried to match my son, go to church and take a picture. All in one morning. It was a lot but I managed to do it all. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Collage Top Pattern Review

 Hello Readers. I recently tried out the new Collage Gather Top pattern from Matchy Matchy Sew Club. I really liked it so let me tell you all about it.

 I made 3 of them. Yes, I really liked it.

When I saw the new Collage Gather Top pattern online I decided to get it. I am really glad I did because it turned out so cute and it's such a great scrap buster too. 
I printed the pattern out on my printer, cut it out and put it together. This I was the hardest part for me, but it is nice because I didn't have to go to the store. I could print and cut this out at 11pm.
I used fabric samples from my mother-in-law, a stained dress, a "grandma" shirt, my husband's old shirt, tight linen pants, and scraps from a navy blue t-shirt. And maybe one or two other fabrics that I can't remember. It's great to use up pieces that are too small to make a whole garment.
This pattern has separate pieces for the center front, center back and multiple shoulder and side pieces. The multiple separate pieces allow you to use lots of different fabrics and mix them up. We all have small pieces that we want to use. I know I have tons of different small pieces in my stash. 
The shirt can have long sleeves or very short sleeves that are part of the shoulder pieces. Since it is summer and the world is on fire I decided to make short sleeves.

There are also lower pieces. They make a sort of peplum on the sides. They can also use up even more coordinating pieces from your fabric stash.

I liked this top so much that I made 3 of them. I couldn't stop. I had fun putting different fabrics together.
I think this one is my favorite. It has rayon center panels and lace sides, the drape was really pretty.

 The heavier weight fabrics would be great for cooler weather too. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


Friday, July 29, 2022

One Shoulder T-shirt

 Hello Readers. I wanted to make a top to go with my wrap shorts that I showed you in the last post. I really needed one shoulder exposed. Why? Read on and I will tell all.

Before and after.

This was just a navy blue men's t-shirt. It was not fancy or special but it was perfect for what I wanted to make.

I cut a basic one shoulder shape and saved those excess pieces for next time. The strap is as long as possible so I had enough to tie at my shoulder. The tie will make it easy to adjust the fit. If the top is too low cut tie the knot tighter at the shoulder, it's is so easy to adjust.

I sewed up the sides with my serger so my shirt would actually hold together. You could also use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine to stitch up your sides.

I tried it on and worked with the shoulder tie to make sure that the important bits were covered. 

The purpose of this shirt was to expose this one shoulder. When I was 25 I got this small shamrock tattoo and it is so faded. I turned 50 this year so I decided to get it refreshed. I knew it would be easier in this style shirt. And it's great with the wrap shorts.

Here is a look at the freshened up tattoo. I highly recommend the Blue Heron Tattoo shop. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Making Wrap Shorts

 Hello Readers. I have been wanting to make some wrap shorts for a little while now. I finally got it done. This fun summer fabric from San Diego Sewn was the perfect choice for this make. *Not a paid ad, I just thought they had cute fabric.

Before and after.

Look at this cute fabric! Look at these lovely women. They are glowing, thriving, relaxing, undisturbed, just living the dream. I bought 2 yards of this because that was all there was available at the time. I have seen online that it was restocked.
My first step was to wash this fabric in my washing machine before I did any sewing. I dried and ironed it and got to work.
I used this pattern piece from a previous shorts making project where I made my own pattern. I made this pattern based on my measurements. I used it because I just needed a guide to cut out my pieces for these new shorts.

I cut all my pieces and extended the sides so they would be wide enough to wrap around my hips.
I connected the 4 pieces to make the shorts. This was a fast project and I was able to get this done quick and easy. Now I had to make the waistband ties.  
The waistband ties are what keeps the shorts up and holds them together. 
Here is a look at the tie in the back. This is the narrow strip of fabric I made for this waist tie. It is the waistband of the front part of the shorts. The front of the shorts wrap around the body to tie in the back. It is not going to be visible when the shorts are worn. The back of the shorts will wrap around and tie in the front.
Here is a look at the front of the shorts. The front is tied in back and I am holding the back piece open so you can see how the front wraps around and then is covered by the back piece.
When The back of the shorts are tied in the front the sides overlap by about 6-8 inches and cover everything they should.
Here is a quick and clumsy demonstration of me tying on the shorts. 
These shorts were so fun. I love how they turned out. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.







Friday, July 22, 2022

Blue Lace Upcycle

 Hello Readers. It is summer sundress season. Yay for warm weather and sunshine. I found this blue eyelet lace dress at a swap and thought the blue lace fabric was just gorgeous. It turned out to be a little too tight in the bodice. I couldn't even show you how tight. (My cups runneth over y'all!) You'll just have to trust me on this. 

Before and after.

Look at the pretty lace! I cut the tight bodice off and cut a middle portion that I would use for straps. I measured and decided how long the shirt should be. I wanted the bottom of the dress to make the body of my shirt. It was the prettiest part of the dress and it had a nice scalloped edge that I wanted to save. My shirt will be about 16 inches long in the body and I will be adding the straps to it. 
I sewed the lining and the right side of the lace outer layer of the dress together. That will make the body of my shirt.
This is the center piece of the dress. I cut the front and back from each other so that I had 2 pieces. I needed 2 straps so I needed these 2 pieces.

I ironed the pieces flat and saw how uneven they were. I cut then to be even and made 2 wide straps.

Here is quick overview of the making of these straps.

I had to put the straps onto the shirt. I wanted to make sure the straps were sitting evenly on the front of the shirt so I used my dress form to try and pin it all together.

I attached the straps at an angle to cover my bra straps better. You can see more about that in this clip.
This was a fun summer refashion. The cotton lace breathes well and I love the color. This beautiful garden is at my daughters house and that bench was really hot and burned my bum. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

What about that blue t-shirt? I was going to use it for spare parts if I needed it.

I cut the logo off the shirt.

It looks like I cut a triangle off the front of the shirt. And, I sort of did just that. I wanted to make something wearable out of this shirt so I played around with it a little. 
I cut the neck band off and turned the whole shirt around. The plain back was going to be the front now.
I tied a knot at the neck and the waist. Its like extra ventilation for this heat wave.