Wednesday, July 18, 2018

There's a Hole in My Sweater

Hello Readers. Big dramatic refashions are fun but sometimes just a little change is needed. Today's post is about a simple sweater that needed a little fix.

This sweater is not really very exciting. It's just a plain black cardigan. But we all need some basics in our closet right? This sweater had a little hole on the shoulder. I couldn't wear it like this. If it isn't fixed the hole will get bigger and bigger. I will fix it and maybe I could make the whole sweater a little more fun as well.

I decided to add something to hide the hole and the little mending job I did. I chose some giraffe buttons I have had for ages. (I think they were my mothers. Thanks Mom!)
The little giraffe was cute and I love using items I have sitting around. (And that little giraffe deserved to get out of the sewing box and see the world.)

That little giraffe had some friends too. They all deserve to get out of the sewing box. I replaced the buttons on the front of the sweater with these cute little giraffes. The red is a nice contrast with the black sweater and they just look fun.

Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, July 13, 2018

T-shirt Mania 6; The Giant Purple One

Hello Readers. This is the last of the t-shirts for a while. I am glad I was able to get through them and clear some space in my sewing area. For the last of all the t-shirts I refashioned this giant purple shirt.
This is the only one I really didn't like.

The shirt looks pink here but it is more of a fushia/purple.

This shirt was SO super soft. That was really all it had going for it. It was too big and baggy and shapeless. It wasn't fancy, but I was sure I could rework it and make it more attractive.
And I hoped, less low cut in the front. 

 I cut off the edge of the V-neck, but not the seam. That was easy.

I added some bias tape at the neckline. I thought it would break up all that bright purple and dress the shirt up a little.  I made a loop in front to make it more interesting.

This all turned out to be a big mistake. The bias tape was too thick and heavy. The thin knit of the shirt didn't go well with the heavy trim. It made the neck very stiff and ruined the soft relaxed feel of the t-shirt. 
I hated it.

***   PART 2   ***
I knew I would never want to wear it. I admit I was a little frustrated. (ANGRY!) And I cut the entire neckline with the trim off. I cut the seam out of what was left of the shoulder (But left the sleeve intact.) and tied a little knot at the shoulder to again raise the neckline. I cut the shirt up in haste and now the head hole was way too big again. 

I decided to let this t-shirt spend it's life as a beat-up exercise shirt. It was soft enough that it would be a good match with soft leggings when I am working out. (Reality Check - Walking at a moderate pace like every other mom out there.)

Thanks for reading along today, now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

T-shirt Mania 5; The Accidental Pajamas

Hello Readers. I started out trying to make summer clothes. When I was done I realized I had actually made what looked like pajamas. I actually needed some pajamas so it was a happy accident. (I think most of my life has been a series of happy accidents, but that is a story for another time.)

If you have read this blog before you might recognize this shirt. It was a freebie from the rec center. I wanted to use it for parts. This is the last free t-shirt in my refashion pile. I used them all!

I was going to combine the white t-shirt with this blue tank top. I wanted a tank top with more coverage than this racer-back shirt had. That open key hole is just going to get me sunburned for sure. I used the plain white back of the white t-shirt and made a new back for this blue shirt.

I cut off all this blue trim and used it to finish the edges of my new shirt so it would look nicer and more polished. I was still thinking that this was going to be worn out in public during normal daytime activities and I wanted it to look good .
Things didn't work out as I had planned, but keep reading to see the shorts.

***   PART 2 -  SHORTS   ***

I also had this seersucker shirt from my mom. (Thanks Mom!) It was so thick I didn't think I would wear it in the heat of summer. It felt almost like a light jacket. I really loved the material though.  Could I make a pair of shorts from this shirt? I could try!

  I cut the arms off the shirt and opened the shoulders to make the shirt lay flat. I folded it in half and saw it wasn't big enough for the pattern. I cut open the arms, and attached 2 little squares of that fabric. You can see it on the left side of the picture below.

It was just enough fabric to fit this pattern. Just. Barely. Enough. I cut out my pieces and started sewing. I rarely use a pattern to make clothes. I'm not sure why. But making shorts from scratch was fun too.

I didn't know they would look like pajamas until I tried them on and looked in the mirror. This definitely looks like pajamas to me. (My little guy decided to roll around on the floor in his pajamas for this picture.) Some days are meant for pajamas and relaxing right? Now I am ready.

Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, July 6, 2018

T-shirt Mania 4; The Tank Top

Hello Readers. This week was the week of the Fourth of July and all around the U.S. there were fireworks, barbecues, parades, and of course the red, white, and blue. The holiday and a couple of free red t-shirts directed this whole outfit.

The red shirt was yet another freebie from the rec center. It seemed to be from a soccer event. I didn't want the white design on my shirt, but a red shirt would look great with those shorts.
I cut the neckbands and the sleeves off the 2 shirts.

I also cut the fronts and backs apart. I was going to connect the backs together to make one sleeveless red shirt.

 I adjusted the neckline a little and I was done.

These shorts had the colors of the July 4th holiday. They were really nice. My daughter gave them to me because they were too big for her. They were too big for me too. The length was great but they needed to be a little smaller around.

I made new side seams several times to get the size just right. I wanted them less baggy but I didn't want them so tight that they would be uncomfortable.There was no stretch in this fabric so I had to get the fit just right.

 I thought this lightweight little gray jacket was nice but it was so long on me. The front was much longer than the back. Was it supposed to hang down to my knees in the front? It seemed to have big pockets on the front but I couldn't even reach them without picking up that side of the jacket. It just didn't fit well.

 I decided to cut the jacket the same length all the way around. I started in the back since it was the shortest and used a yard stick to keep it all even. That left a small piece of the pocket on each side. I cut that off as well. When I was done it was like they were never there.

The little jacket is shorter but still loose and drapes nicely over the more fitted red shirt. I can also tie it in the front if I want. I like how the whole outfit turned out together.

This is a busy week, you might be watching the World Cup too. Whatever you are doing, I hope you have some fun.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

T-shirt Mania 3; Independence Day

Hello Readers. Today's post is in honor of the 4th of July. I found this fun novelty t-shirt and thought it would make a fun July 4th outfit. I have always been a little partial to Superman and it says America across the front. That is perfect for America's birthday right? 

This shirt was actually a men's shirt, so it was plenty big and long. I cut the body away from the sleeves and neckline. I also cut off the lower hemline. I folded the shirt in half before cutting it so both sides would be exactly the same. Or close to it anyway.

The shirt is now straight across the top and diagonal at the sides where the arm holes will be.

I folded the sides in and stitched them down to make a nice finished edge. Next, I folded the top down and made a casing at the top edge. The back of the shirt was done the same exact way.

I took the finished edge that I cut from the bottom of the shirt. I cut the stitching off so the strip of fabric was more narrow and stretchy.

I threaded it through the casing in the front and back of the shirt and tied a bow. The width at the top is totally adjustable so it is easy to get the right fit in the front, back, and under the arms too. I didn't take the shirt in anywhere, I wanted that loose fit.
I hemmed the bottom so it had a finished hem.

I liked the high adjustable neckline and how easy it was to make the shirt fit the way I wanted around the arms. This will be a great shirt for getting some sun  at a pool or picnic. (Just kidding, I am too pale to tan. I usually hide out in the shade.)

Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, June 29, 2018

T-shirt Mania 2; The No-Sew Tunic

Hello Readers. I have a t-shirt refashion to show you that does even require any sewing! You just need some scissors. Keep reading to see more.

This was a basic shirt but it was a little extra long. Instead of cutting it off I decided to work with that extra length and make a tunic style top. My first step was to cut off the neckband and the folded-in seams of the sleeves and hem.

HSLDA is an international homeschool organization.

I cut off the edge and seam of the sleeves and then cut the sleeve at an angle. I didn't cut the seam around the armhole. I just cut off a triangle of fabric from the lower part of the sleeves.

 I took the finished edges of the sleeves and hem I had cut off previously and cut off all the stitching. This left me with more narrow strips of  folded fabric that I could pull and stretch even longer.

 The next thing I did was to make two tiny holes at each shoulder. I made then as close to the seams as I could without cutting the seams at all. I used the little stripe of fabric I had just cut off and pulled it through the holes so the ends were hanging down inside the sleeve. That made a little loop on each shoulder.

I pulled the hanging ends up and through the loop, and pulled tight to make a knot. I aslo tied little knots at each end of the strips of fabric. This made the sleeves gather up nicely.

 The long strip of fabric from the lower hem of the shirt I used as a tie around the waist of the shirt.

I liked the shirt with the tie around the waist. And I loved the sleeves with their little ruffled edges.It was another gray rainy day when I wore this gray tunic shirt. We are having a very rainy spring and summer.

Thank you for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.