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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Summer Shorts

 Hello Readers. The sun is shining, the days are warmer and it's time to think about wearing shorts and t-shirts. I don't know what the weather is like where you live but in my area it gets hot and humid. The time to prepare is now. Do any of last summers clothes fit? Do I need something new to complete my summer wardrobe? This brings me back to the beginning, shorts and t-shirts. 

This purple dress was such a pretty color. It said it was a size small. It did not seem to be working for me but there was plenty of fabric to make a t-shirt.

I also got this hand-me-down skirt with a little purple pinstripe. I wanted to put them together..could I make this skirt into a pair of shorts? Let's refashion!

I decided to make the skirt into a pair of shorts. I even used a pattern. Usually, when I sew,  I just make it up as I go along. If I want these shorts to have 2 evenly sized legs, I need a pattern. I thought if I placed the pattern on top of the side zipper on the skirt, I could keep the zipper in the right place for my shorts.

The zipper idea worked! I put the shorts together and the side zipper of the skirt was on the side of the shorts, just like I wanted. All I had to do was hem the legs of the shorts and I was done. 

The purple dress was easy to convert into a t-shirt. I used a shirt I already had as a guide and copied its size and shape. 

I had a new outfit ready for the heat and humidity of summer. 

Enjoy this warm weather everyone!

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Cropped Tie-Front Jacket

 Hello Readers. My daughter got this loose light blue jacket from a swap. She liked it but eventually passed it on to me. You know I love free clothes to refashion, so here we are. 

This jacket was light and thin so it would have been perfect for layering. The problem was that it was one of those "One Size Fits All" garments. Really, it did not fit me at all. It was just too loose in the arms and body, even when tied. So sad!

I knew this would be an easy fix. I needed to make longer sleeves and a more narrow body to provide a more flattering shape. It did not need to be tight, it just needed more shape. You can see the sleeves I made in this picture. I looked at this picture and tapered the body even more. Sometimes when I refashion, it is one step at a time until I get the fit I want.

I took 4-5 inches out of each side. I used a zigzag stitch to close the new side seams. I did not want any fraying inside my new jacket. The reason I love sewing is that you can remake any of your clothes into whatever you want them to be.

My new jacket was done in no time. Well, almost no time. The tie at the waist pulled the sides in even more and gave the whole jacket a flattering but still loose fit. The sleeves are more defined so I don't look like a light blue blob anymore.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Silk Skirt, Silk Pajamas

 Hello Readers. I was given a huge load of hand-me-downs by a friend (Thanks Sue C.!) and it was wonderful to go through the pile and add to the refashion stash. It will help so much with my plan to spend nothing on all my refashions in 2021. I do 2 refashions a week so it would really add up even at the thrift store. This green and orange wrap skirt was reversible and silk. 

When I looked at the skirt I thought it was a little too long on me. I was also struggling to decide how to wear the orange and green at the same time. It felt like there was a lot of color contrast going on. I decided to cut the orange skirt off the green skirt. The waistband and tie for the wrap skirt was green so I went with that and kept the skirt all green. 

I was done in 2 minutes and I had a lovely green wrap skirt. I love green.

But what about the orange layer of the skirt. It was large enough to make something out of, but what? I folded the skirt on itself and cut out 2 pieces to make a pair of pajama shorts.

 Silk pajama shorts? That's right! This fabric would not stay ironed and would not lay flat for any pictures. I loved the material anyway because it was so soft and it will be comfortable and breathable in the summer. I used yellow trim from my stash to finish the hem and I had a rusty orange elastic that I could use at the waist.

 I still had enough fabric to make a tank top to go with the shorts, if I used some lace for the shoulder straps. 

These pajamas were soft and comfortable. Mornings are not my best time of day, I don't understand morning people. I do not wake up cheerful or alluring in anyway. I wake up sad, cranky and a little puffy to be honest. I did actually sleep in these pj's, they did get really wrinkled and I still liked them anyway.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Lovely Lilac Layers

 Hello Readers. The sun is shining and the flowers are in bloom. (Pollen is everywhere, I feel stuffy and congested.) It is spring for real. Spring is a great time to wear lovely dresses and enjoy the outdoors. (If your sinuses can take it.) I found this lovely lilac dress at a swap. (Free!) I loved the pastel color and the floral design. 

This dress fit pretty well but it was too long and too low cut. That is the story of my entire life so I knew what I needed to do. I needed to fill in the plunging neckline and I needed to shorten the skirt.

It was difficult to show in a photograph but the skirt had a shorter under layer. It came to my knees.  The outer layer was much longer and sheer. I thought it would look better on me if I shortened the outer layer to match the length of the under layer. I didn't alter or hem the under skirt.

I hemmed the raw cut edge of my new dress with a simple turned under hem. 

I made sure that the under skirt was fully covered by the outer layer.  

 What about that big sheer piece I cut off the bottom of the dress? It was a big rectangular shape but the fabric was very thin and soft. I hemmed the raw cut edge and I was done.


That rectangular piece made a perfect shawl. And...

The shawl was also perfect to wear around the neck and tucked into the front of the dress to provide more coverage in the front. 

 Cutting the extra fabric from the skirt of the dress solved all my problems with this dress. 

Thanks for reading along, now go make something for yourself.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Playing With Denim

 Hello Readers. I am so happy spring is here. It isn't hot yet it's just comfortable enough to enjoy the outdoors. (Unless you are a victim of seasonal allergies, it is pollen season!) 

I found this short sleeve denim jacket at a swap and liked the short sleeves. I had not seen a short sleeve denim jacket before. I didn't even know I would want one until I saw it. I wasn't 100% sure about the super faded color. I have a small stash of dye in my laundry room for situations like this.

I started what I thought would be a simple dye job. I used this cherry red dye. The denim jacket was  100% cotton so this should have been a fast and easy refashion.

I used my washer and put the dye in the water. I don't know why it turned out so pink. It was SO pink it was almost magenta. I used a short wash cycle and I think it was too short. When you dye clothes in a pan on the stove, you can check the color and keep the clothes in the dye longer if you want. When you use the washer, you can't extend the dye time because the dye has gone down the drain. I think I will use a big pot on the stove next time. 

So, I took a breath. I don't like to give up on a project. I was going to get this jacket the color I wanted. This bottle of scarlet dye looked like more of a true red. I should have chosen it in the beginning.  I think the name should be "Really Red".

I definitely should have used this color from the beginning. It was a true red. It was exactly what I wanted.

Did someone say, "Red Jacket?".

 Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Wide-legged Jumpsuit

Hello Readers. I am loving the spring weather and the ability to wear less bulky clothing. My daughter gave me this jumpsuit while ago. She is about 8 inches taller than I am so it fit her very well. You can see it was much too long on me. 

I love me a jumpsuit y'all but this one was just way too long. Even high heels wouldn't fix this. I used to love high heels. My poor feet can't deal with them anymore. And honestly, I was still short even in heels. So, I need to fix this situation.

This jumpsuit spoke to me very clearly and I knew what to do. I cut the legs much shorter. I wanted a slightly cropped length. I used the gold design as my guide and just cut off the whole thing on both legs. Using the design as a cutting guide helped me make even length legs quickly and easily. I used my sewing machine to make a quick hem on the bottom of each leg.

When I ironed the jumpsuit I found the legs were more wide than I first thought. That was cool because wide leg pants are really having a moment right now. The whole jumpsuit is more simple without the design at the hem. I think sometimes simple is better. It was easy to layer for cool weather too. Why do I have the goofy look on my face? I have no idea.

 I was going to shorten this jumpsuit even more into a romper for summer but I really liked these wide loose pants. Here is a terrible but creative photo image to give you an idea of what it would look like if I did that. 

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A Snake Skin Jacket?

 Hello Readers. Are you into snake skin? Like shoes or belts. I have never owned any snake skin until now, and this is not really snake skin. It's just denim with a subtle snake skin print on it. Did I NEED a snake skin printed denim jacket? Probably not, but now that it is here, I will enjoy it. 

I found this jacket at a thrift store bag sale back in December. It was about 50 cents. (Since I bought it last year I am not counting that as money spent in 2021. My goal of spending no money on refashions in 2021 is going well so far.) I liked the subtle snake skin look of this fabric. The jacket was a little roomy, but I liked that. The sleeves were entirely too long, my short arms have caused trouble again. That's OK, I can work with this.

If the jacket wasn't in good light it just looked black. When the light was right, you could see a lot of color variation and pattern. The weather in my area has turned chilly again so a jacket sounds like a good idea.

I really needed shorter sleeves so I started by removing the cuffs. 

Then I cut the sleeves off at elbow length. When I reattached the cuffs, the sleeves would be 3/4 length sleeves. The shorter length would make the jacket wearable for me and my short arms. That length sleeve would also be a fun look for this jacket.

I was ready to reattach the cuffs. The spot where I cut the sleeves was larger in circumference than the cuffs. I had extra fabric to work with. I could have narrowed the sleeves to fit in the size of the cuffs, but I didn't. I had another idea. The extra fabric allowed me to make a small box pleat in the sleeves. 

My new jacket was done. I liked the loose fit. It felt more modern and it was comfortable. Some of the buttons down the front of the jacket were missing so I just popped them all off. It looked better with all the buttons removed than it did with half missing. I could replace all the buttons later if I wanted to, but I probably won't.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.