Friday, November 13, 2020

Removing a Turtleneck

 Hello Readers. How are you? It is cold and rainy here and really feels like fall. A turtleneck shirt will keep you warm in chilly weather like this, but I hate them! I can't stand that feeling of fabric around my throat. I immediately feel like I am being strangled.

I also feel like I have no neck at all. There is nothing good about this turtleneck shirt. Or is there? It was super soft and stretchy and I am a sucker for navy blue stripes. These white jeans were a happy find. They are a little big but the denim has some spandex in it so they would be wonderful if they fit better.

I cut the neck right off the shirt. It could be worn like this but it looks a little unfinished and the raw cut fabric will stretch out a lot. I don't want that. 

 I cut the neck into a narrow strip of fabric. I folded it over like bias tape and used it as binding for the neck. I attached it to the outside and when it flipped up....

The seam was inside the shirt and the outside looked nicely finished. I went over it again to keep it laying smooth when I wear it.


 Here it is modeled by my dress form Rhonda. You can see all kinds of free, open neck exposed now that the turtleneck is gone.

Can you wear white jeans in fall or winter? I think you can. These white jeans were 1 size up. That was perfect. I had plenty of room for the hips and Corona tummy. I just took the legs in on the sides. I wanted skinny jeans that I could tuck into boots for cold weather.


When I made the new side seams I saw that these belt loops were in the way. I removed them with my seam ripper.


I reattached them when I was done sewing the side seams. Easy as pie. (Mmm, pie! Thanksgiving is coming!)

I thought this striped shirt would be a great base layer for cool weather and I was right. It was soft and cozy. I am going to leave the jeans a little loose until after the holidays. Just to be safe. (Pie!)


I wore it to the mailbox and to work. (I wish I has more exciting events to go to. 2020 is sometimes terrible and sometimes super boring.)

 Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


Rian said...

You are just so dang cute! I enjoy your blog ever so much!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Rian! I appreciate the sweet comment.