Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Linen & Silk

 Hello Readers. I found these linen pants and silk top at a thrift store recently. I thought they would be perfect for work because it is really warm here. It doesn't cool down until late September or early October. Linen and silk breath and keep you cool when it's hot.

Before and after.

This shirt has a wide waist tie that made it really awkward to tuck the shirt in. I usually tuck things in. I thought I could just remove the 2 pieces from the sides. 
I sewed the 2 pieces together and made a small scarf. But it has a seam in the middle.

I stitched the center together into a tube to hide that seam in the middle. 

It turned into a fun accessory.

I added a little snap to the shirt to keep the neckline closed. It was a little too low for me. This was easy to add by hand.

I took the waist and hips of the pants in a little to keep them higher on my waist.

The whole outfit fits better and looks more put together. It would be perfect for work. But a weird thing happened. I quit my job before I even wore this. My husband's schedule changed and our childcare situation changed and so my schedule had to change too. That means more time for sewing, I hope. We just roll with it. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

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