Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Paper Bag Waist Shorts

 Hello Readers. I had a vacation t-shirt to refashion and I wanted a new pair of shorts with a paper bag style waist. I had all the materials and supplies I needed thanks to my mom and a friend. (Thanks Mom! Thanks Sue!) They gave me a these hand-me-downs. 

I started with this souvenir t-shirt. White shirts are always easy to wear with anything. Let's make this one less souvenir and more dressy. 

I cut the graphic out of the shirt. I like to cut out the parts I want to remove out of a garment first so I can really see what is left.

I stitched that opening back together and gathered the fabric a little while I stitched. 

I liked the shape of the shirt in general but it did not look very good yet. That's OK, we are not done,  trust the process. 

I added some narrow trim on top of the seam I had made. It really helped dress up the shirt and cover the rough seam I had sewn. I also cut the neck band off because I like how the open neckline looks. It feels more comfortable to me as well. 

I decided to cut the sleeves shorter to remove the end. Then, I cut the sleeve straight across the top and tied a knot. It made the sleeve more interesting.

What will I wear with my new shirt? Some new shorts! My mom gave me these elastic denim jeans. They did not look good on me at all. I was going to donate them but then I had an idea. 

I added a grosgrain ribbon as a belt. I stitched it to the jeans in the back and on the sides so it would stay in place. I cut the jeans off to make shorts. 

The jeans were roomy enough that I could tie the ribbon belt closed in the front and it made a paper-bag waist. The denim has enough stretch to pull the shorts on and off. 

My outfit was finished and I was ready to celebrate my anniversary.

Over 30 years ago my mom went out of town and I had a small party at my house. (Yes, I was a bad kid.) I invited this guy to the party. 6 years later we go married. We look like children but I swear it was all legal.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. 

***Chickie's Year End Review-I really liked this outfit. It will be out again in the summer. The husband is still around too. ;)


Unknown said...

I don't speak English, I'm Mexican, but thanks to technology, here we are. I love sewing and remodeling more. I really liked your blog. What you did with the shorts ... wow !!! and the love story ... it touched me!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks for the comment! I am glad you could get to read the post. :)