Friday, March 27, 2020

Relaxing At Home

Hello Readers. How are you doing? Are you at your house under a "stay-at-home" order like me? I don't mind hanging out at home but I know it is difficult for all you extroverts out there. I hope you are safe and healthy where ever you are. 
I am not required to report to work anymore (I lost my "essential" classification pretty quick!) so my clothing choices have a different focus now. I want to be comfortable but I also want to be able to go for a walk and not be in pajamas. Today's clothes are a good compromise.

I got these baggy rayon pants from my daughter. (She did a closet clean out recently.) I liked the fun paisley pattern of the material but they were a little too baggy on me. 

I wanted to take these pants in a little. These pants had pockets on the sides that I didn't want to cut off. How would I re-size them? I decided to take the legs in along the inner leg seams. That made the legs more narrow but it didn't change the hips or waist in at all. To fix that I also removed some fabric from the crotch seam. I have never done that as a way to take in pants but it worked well. I took 2 inches from the rear seam and 1 inch from the front seam. It helped reshape the pants.

I needed a top to go with my new pants. This gauzy cotton dress would be comfortable, especially in summer. This dress was so depressing though! It just made me want to give up all hope. It had no fun in it at all.

I decided to cut the dress in half and hem the bottom of my new shirt. I hoped if it was a simple tshirt it would be casual and comfortable, but less of a downer. 

I think the fun pants were a good match for the simple shirt. I liked it tucked in but it could be left un-tucked too.

Are you working from home? Are there toys everywhere? Is your house in chaos? Is your child in pajamas for a lot of the day? Are they only wearing 1 sock for some reason? Are you eating a lot of unnecessary snacks? This is all true for me and my house. There is a lot to worry about right now so I am not going to worry about any of that. 
Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself if you can. 


KD said...

I really like the paisley pants! Taking pants in, along the inseam, pulls the waistline down a bit, and thus lengthens pants. I have used that "trick" before , to make too-wide cropped pants into narrower ankle-pants.
Not being "essential" means you can focus now on your own and your family's medical and emotional health. In my 70 years, the inhabitants of This planet haven't faced such a crisis for us all. I think we all have to figure out how to cope now, and from what I read, that involves some snacking, talking with family& friends on part-time or zoom, lots of TV, both to get more info and to escape all that info. We need to be flexible when we can't do what we usually do, and tolerant with ourselves and others as we try to figure out what we should do. The financial part of this long nightmare makes it all so much worse. We have got a lot to deal with, for sure.
I spent 2 weeks making myself new clothes that I have nowhere to wear , for the next 2 months or so. Then I started making face masks out of a woven nylon water resistant shower curtain, and cotton knit t-shirts shirts for lining. The experts are now contradicting each other about how helpful the non-N95 masks are. the masks are better at preventing viruses from being breathed and coughed out by infected people, than they are at preventing viruses from being breathed in by non-infected people. I read one article that said we need to adapt to social responsibility: I wear mine for you, you wear yours for me. I just mailed my son and dil in Seattle 2 home-made masks each. I feel better now already! And we will both wear out home-based masks when we go out today for grocery and pharmacy pick-ups. Best regards to you for being helpful with your blog! I enjoy it very much!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks for the comment KD! It is nice to hear from you. I think you are right it is a juggle to find a new balance in this weird time. It can be scary. I made masks and gave them out too. I read about the effectiveness. It isn't easy to know exactly what to do. I am washing my hands like crazy!
Happy sewing to you!