Friday, March 20, 2020

Stripes For Spring

Hello Readers. I hope you are well and that the Corona/Covid-19 virus never comes to your house. I am well and trying to stay home as much as possible. I am required to report for work so I am working on spring clothes. (If I was at home it would be pajamas all month.) I honestly have no idea where this shirt/dress thing came from. Is it a long shirt? Is it a short dress? I have never been sure. I decided I liked the stripes and I liked how it went with these coral color jeans my daughter didn't want anymore. 

 I had to reshape this shirt/dress so I could wear it as a shirt. I know that might be a little plain and boring but sometimes work requires plain and boring clothes. The neckline was really deep on me too. I wanted to fix that and take away the extra fabric on the sides.

 I removed excess fabric from all over this shirt/dress. I made the shoulders, sleeves, sides and bottom hem all smaller, shorter and more fitted.

 I loved the color of these jeans. They were skinny jeans but they were a little big. I thought they looked like straight leg jeans and decided to keep that fit. (I read that straight leg jeans were going to be big this spring. Any thoughts? Comments? Questions? Concerns about that? I have a lot of skinny jeans in my closet. I am not sure how I feel about saying goodbye to them.)

 I made them a little bit shorter. And that was it.

I can actually tuck this shirt in now that it is a more basic t-shirt shape.
Yes, these Legos are all over. They get picked up every night and they are all over the floor again before I even finish my morning tea. 
Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. 
And keep washing your hands! 

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