Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Cropped Wide Leg Pants

Hello Readers. I have seen a lot of cropped wide leg pants lately and I really wanted to make some for myself. I had a great pair of dress pants that my daughter didn't want anymore. The legs were wide and loose and perfect for this idea.

 I thought I could make these long dress pants into the cropped pants I was looking for. I also had a puke green blouse that needed to fit me a little better. (Am I the only person that likes this color? It's weird but I like this color a lot.)

The blouse had a button closure in the back. I don't really know why it was there because the neckline was so big and wide. The button opening seemed unnecessary. Originally I was going to move the button over to make the shirt smaller but it looked really lopsided.I needed a new idea.

I decided to make a new seam down the back of the shirt. It was the fastest way to take the shirt in a couple inches. I can still pull it over my head easily.

I also took some fabric off the sides and made new side seams. I didn't alter the shoulder ruffles. I really liked those ruffled shoulders, they were the best part of the shirt.

The pants were easier than I thought they would be. I just took a little out of the waist and hips to make them more fitted. I left the rest of the leg baggy so I would get the wide-leg look I wanted. I cut a lot off the length because I am short and I wanted these pants to be even shorter. I gave them a new hem and I was all done.

I was happy with my new super-comfortable cropped pants and they were so easy to make. I think I want another pair ASAP.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
***Year End update-  I loved these pants. I still love them. They were great in the summer heat and I just liked wearing them.


jenny_o said...

Great job on both pieces. That green colour looks good on you; no wonder you like it! On me, it would look truly pukey, ha ha In the photos it looks like it has a gold sheen to it; is it like that in real life too?

Rian said...

Super cute!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks to both of you for the comments!
The shirt does have a a gold sheen to it. You have a good eye!
Thanks for reading along.