Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Lobster Skirt

Hello Readers. Did you read that title and wonder what in the world is a lobster skirt? I don't know how someone came up with the idea of putting little lobsters all over a skirt, but somebody did it. I am really glad because it is just silly enough to make me want to wear it.

 I wasn't kidding. These are pretty detailed lobsters. There is no mistaking them. From a distance you might think polka-dots. But no! When you get up close there are lobsters everywhere. There are claws, tails, legs, antennae... these are full complete lobsters.

And check this out. It wasn't just a skirt. It was a skort! That's right. It was a skirt with shorts underneath. I don't like skorts very much because they seem so bulky. It's like wearing double the clothes. I cut the shorts out where they were attached inside.

I decided to make the skort the same shape as this denim skirt I already had. The length was the same. It just needed to be taken in at the waist a little. The size at the hem was just right.

Here is my new lobster skirt. I don't like to eat lobster that much but I liked this skirt a lot.

I needed a top to go with it. This white tunic has been waiting all summer for me to get to it. You can see why I don't like tunics. They are so long on me. The designers ask, "How tall are grown women? They must be over 5 feet tall, right? And they have normal length arms, right?" (Not always designers. Not always. Some off us are out here making it through life on less.)
*It doesn't look like it but I was wearing shorts in this photo. 

 I decided to shorten the tunic and the sleeves. The fit through the body was great, it was just too long everywhere.

 I thought the navy blue trim would look nice with the navy blue of the skirt. The white was a calm and peaceful balance to the crazy lobsters. But who wants to be calm and peaceful? Not me.

When I wore this skirt a second time, I wore red to highlight my little lobster friends. I wore it to work but I don't think anyone noticed the lobsters. They made me happy though and I liked these two patterns together.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something this fun for yourself!
***Year End update-  This is definitely a favorite. I love the lobsters. And I love red, so the top is a winner too.