Friday, July 19, 2019

The Brown T-Shirt and More

Hello Readers. I made a shirt recently and I forgot the before picture. Try to imagine a men's t-shirt, a basic brown men's size XL t-shirt. It looked a lot like the drawing below.
It was a great match for this Nancy Drew clock skirt I made a few years ago.

This was how it looked when I cut it up. The blue line is supposed to represent what the shirt looked like before I started cutting. (I know, my drawing skills are unreal!) I used the middle section of the body and the sleeves to make a new, more feminine top.

I reattached the puffy sleeves and made a square neckline. The waistband is now at the neckline with some thin elastic inside it. The elastic gathers the fabric and keeps the shirt in place.The sleeves are also upside-down. I put narrow elastic in the ends of the sleeves and used them to keep the sleeves up on my shoulders. The elastic made the sleeves gather into nice ruffles.

 The sleeves are attached to the shirt in the underarm area with a 3 inch long seam. They are longer on the outside and shorter under the arm so they can cover the shoulder and hang down like a sleeve should. This top could be worn off the shoulders too.

*** PART 2 ***
I also made a couple sleep bras or lounge bras recently. I used a couple old stretch style cami tops. I cut the bust off, they didn't fit comfortably anyway.  I also cut the waistband off and used the middle portion of each tank.

I used some stretch lace I had at the bottom to tighten it and act as a shelf bra. I reattached the straps the tank had originally. These are great for lounging. The stretch fabric made these bras work and fit well.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
 ***Year End update- I really like the brown shirt. I thought the square neckline was fun. I wear the bras pretty often too.


mycardattic said...

It makes for a very cute top! Love the design! Thank you for inspiring me! Have a lovely weekend! Hazel x

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks so much for leaving such a nice comment!
Happy sewing to you.