Friday, July 26, 2019

Just a skirt

Hello Readers. My daughter gave me this dress because it was too small for her. I thought it would fit me because I am smaller and shorter than her but it was so tight I thought I might get hurt. It was squeezing my arms and it was tight across the back and chest. I thought I might burst through the seams any second. It was awful.

The dress itself was nice and I do love blue. I didn't think the fabric was soft enough to try and expand the top in any way. It was a little scratchy and even if I made it larger, I still wouldn't like to wear it that much. What could I do to make myself like this dress?

I decided to just cut off the part that really bothered me. The tight itchy top was the problem. I felt better already! Now it was just a skirt. I just needed to stitch down the waistband. There was a sewing machine was in the shop for repairs.

I got out a needle and some matching blue thread and got to work. I folded the cut edge in and stitched it to the seam at the waist. It was easy as pie.
(My sewing machine is back home now. I missed it.)

I left enough fabric to make a nice waistband. And I got a surprise. Because the top was removed the skirt was able to sit at my natural waist. It was actually a little bigger in the waist now. I was going to take the waistband in a little but...

Remember that dear daughter that gave me this dress in the beginning? I told her that the waist seemed more roomy now that the top had been taken away. It would probably fit her better and she could have it back if she wanted it. So..... it is in her closet now. I don't mind giving it back though. Do any of you let your kids borrow your clothes? Or take them for keeps? Is it just me?

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
***Year End update-This was a really perfect skirt that I never wore again. I am not sure why.....

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