Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Giraffe Scarf

Hello Readers. I made a giraffe scarf recently. That might seem unusual. Why make a giraffe scarf you might ask. Well, it wasn't for me. It was for my mom. It was her birthday, and she loves giraffes. I mean LOVES giraffes.

I was given this giraffe fabric along with some other fabric quite a while ago. (I love when sewers share!) I soon realized it wasn't one piece but actually 4 smaller identical square pieces. I had thought about making a couple of pillows. I wasn't sure, so I kept thinking. I knew I had to make something for my mom out of this fabric. It was meant for her.

Look at that great giraffe pattern. My mom would love it!

I decided to make an infinity scarf. I could connect all the squares and it would suit the amount of material I had perfectly. I made a long tube and then connected the ends.

It looked like this when I was done. 

 It is long enough to loop around the neck easily. It's machine washable and the colors are neutral and easy to wear too. Happy Birthday Mom!

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. Or your mom!
***Year End update-  I never wore this. I gave it to my mom. I still think it's cute.


jenny_o said...

Pretty! I bet she loved it :)

I Can Work With That said...

Hi jenny_o,
She did like the scarf but we had a heatwave when I gave it to her so it might be a while before she can wear it. She is ready for fall.