Friday, June 28, 2019

Making Necklaces

Hello Readers. I made a couple necklaces recently and it all started at an antiques fair. My sister-in-law gave me a VIP pass to get in free, so you can bet I went to look at some antiques.
 The only other time I was ever a "VIP" was when I got bumped into first class on an airline flight. Yes, first class was amazing. Yes, I boarded early like I was special. Yes, I ate my free cookie and champagne while I waited for the commoners to get on the plane. I guess it went to my head. It's probably for the best that it never happened again. Anyway.......

While I was walking around the fair like a VIP, I saw this table with a box full of old skeleton keys. They looked really cool. What could you do with an old key? At first I wasn't sure but the lady gave me a nice shiny one for a buck.

What if I put my shiny old key on a leather cord and wore it as a necklace? I had some pieces of cord in a craft drawer so I didn't need to buy anything else.

The key was large so I thought it would look nice as a long necklace. I liked the because it was casual and fun. And who knows what that key opened in its old life. A door, a safe, a trunk, a secret tunnel....

I also made a second necklace. I was on a roll! My daughter cleaned her room and found this old necklace. It was made of silver that had worn off. It didn't look very nice. It had some nice faux turquoise though. Could I remove the turquoise from the necklace? Yes, I could if I used some strong kitchen shears and cut through the chain.

I put the big turquoise piece on a blue string that my daughter had left over from her beading phase. I used 2 sliding knots so that the necklace could be adjustable. These knots are a great way to finish a necklace without buying any hardware. I didn't know how to make these knots. I looked up how to make the knots on a YouTube video. You can watch that video if you want to learn how it's done. It was fast and easy. The necklace can be short or long, whatever I want.

It was amazing that my daughter had the blue string in such a complementary color. I put it on and went to work. Sometimes things come together really well.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
***Year End update-  I like jewelry and I wear these a lot.

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