Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Little Black Dress with Puffed Sleeves

Hello Readers. I think a little black dress is always in style and appropriate for almost any occasion. A little black dress is simple and classic but this little black dress was not a winner. It was a boring, blah dress.

Here is the dress. It was too low in the front. That scoop neck was way too scooped. That's why I am wearing a shirt under it. It also just kind of hung on me. It had no fun or interesting details. It was putting me to sleep. This dress was as boring to me as "Moby Dick" was in school. (It was my least favorite book ever. Either catch the whale or don't. Just stop talking about it already.)
 The hem is coming out too!

I also had this shirt. It had cute details but it was too sheer. It needed a shirt under it or all of my chest would be on view. That isn't what I expected from a shirt. I like shirts that cover my body. Call me crazy, but that is what I want from a shirt. I don't want to be out flashing the goodies at everyone.

 I decided the best part of the shirt was the sheer polka-dot sleeves. The sheer shirt body was plain and seemed pretty useless. 

I cut the sleeves off and tried to make them a 3/4 length. I didn't measure, I just eyeballed it. I cut them at an angle so they would fit in the armholes of the dress.

I attached the sleeves to the sleeveless dress. The dress was stretchy so it helped to make the sleeves fit into the armholes. I like working with knits, they are just more cooperative than any other fabrics. 

The sleeves added some interest to this sleeveless dress. That was good because this dress was pretty boring. Look at those polka dots, they're so cute.

Here is what I did about the low neckline and the shapeless fit. I took some fabric out of the shoulders before I added the sleeves. It was an easy way to raise the neckline. I also took some fabric out of the sides and made new side seams. That means I lost the pockets.

This dress is still super stretchy and easy to wear but it isn't low and revealing in front and the sleeves fit right in with the dress like they have always been there. I think this dress would be a cute shirt too.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
***Year End update-This is a classic to me.  I will keep this forever.


Rian said...

I love the way you problem solve!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks so much Rian!
I love finding a way to "fix" something.

jenny_o said...

Great job - I love the new dress. Re-working sleeves scares me; kudos to you for tackling this.

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks. They don't always look perfect but you can hide a little puckering under the arm.
That's what I do.