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Friday, January 1, 2021

Dressember Dresses; The New Year's One

 2020 is ending and I don't think anyone is sorry to see it go. This is the last dress for Dressember 2020. (IT's also the first of 2021!) Being a part of this fundraising effort every year is inspiring and it makes me hope for a better world in 2021. You can go to Dressember.org and see what they are trying to accomplish. Human trafficking is a growing issue and ignoring it makes it grow even more.  

My last dress of the month is a skirt. I know that is cheating a little to make a 2 piece outfit. 2020 has been hard on my thrifting game so please have patience with me. 

My daughter gave me this sparkly top. I thought it would be great for New Year's Eve. I thought Covid would be gone and we could go do something fun to celebrate the new year. (I was wrong.)

This top just needed a little change at the armholes. It was a little bit loose and I wanted the shape to be a little more defined. This was a simple change, no big deal. 

Let's move on the the star of the show. The sweater. My husband got a hole in this sweater and was going to get rid of it. I loved the sage color and the weight of the material. I decided to make a skirt for myself out of it.
I tried to measure the size skirt I would need and held the sweater up to myself. Then I just started cutting and made a simple pencil skirt. I was counting on the stretch of the sweater to act as a waistband. The hem of the sweater is the waist of my skirt.

I thought this outfit would be cozy and that I could dress it up a little. 

Y'all know that I didn't need to because I am home doing nothing dressy. No make-up or heels would be needed for this night. 

This was our big celebration. We also played games and watched "Jumanji".

I hope your night was safe and I wish you a 2021 full of blessings and renewed hope. 
See you next year.

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