Friday, January 31, 2020

Polka Dots & Button Downs

 Hello Readers. I read an article online recently that said polka dots and button-down shirts would be big this spring. I don't know if they ever really went out of style but they are coming back and I am getting myself ready for spring.

I found these polka dot jeans at a recent clothes swap. I didn't really check the size. I just saw dots and decided to take them home. They are a little big but I could fix that. The shirt was a ladies large that I have had for years and have not gotten around to altering it. 

 The shirt was an easy fix. I took a little off the sides and the sleeves to make it more narrow. The shoulder seams were in a good place for me so I did not try to re-do the armholes. This shirt was 100% cotton so it had no stretch at all. I had to keep it roomy enough to be comfortable. I tried it on and took a little more out of the sides. The pink marks below are for you so you can see where I was focusing. I wanted to make the body more narrow in the middle. I didn't want the chest too tight.

These polka dot jeans took more work. They needed to be smaller and shorter. I did some custom fitting work. (I sewed, tried them on, and sewed some more.)

What is this? Why are there 2 pairs of polka dot jeans? Well, the pair on the left are my old jeans that are too tight. (Yes, I make have hit the Christmas cookies too hard this year.) When I finished the newer larger jeans I noticed the pockets were not centered on my backside correctly anymore. I was going to remove the pockets and move them over but then I had an idea.
What about double pockets???
I cut the pockets off the old tight jeans and attached them to the new stretchy jeans with a lot of pins.

I put the new pockets closer to the center and lower than the original pockets to fill in where my backside was in these jeans. I placed the new pockets where it looked most balanced.
 I don't feel comfortable putting a picture of my tush on the net so here is my bed pillow wearing the jeans for me. (My body shape is the same a soft lumpy old pillow. I am not sure how to process this new information.)

These jeans and this shirt were perfect for work. I like the high waist a lot. I can't guarantee 100% that polka dots and button-down shirts will be all the rage this spring. (Sometimes the internet is wrong.) I didn't wait for spring, I just started wearing them right away.
Lego pieces everywhere!
Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

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