Friday, January 24, 2020

It Can Be Mended!

Hello Readers. Do you do a lot of mending? Do you do a little mending? Any mending? I remember learning to do basic sewing in Home Economics but we didn't learn to fix anything. We didn't even learn to sew on a button. We made a boring tote bag. I was not impressed. I didn't sew again until I had kids. Kids that needed clothing mended and sometimes altered.
If you go to thrift stores or clothes swaps you know that the things you find sometimes need a little mending. I found these cool overalls at a clothes swap and I liked the material and design. And they looked like my size.

When I saw the back of them I knew it would be an easy fix. The straps needed to be tucked back in and the opening needed to be closed up. 
This green shirt was a little loose and baggy under the overalls. If it was a little more fitted it would stay tucked in better.
I adjusted the sides of this shirt so it fit better under the overalls. A zigzag stitch lets it stretch at the seams for comfort.

This was 20 minutes of my time and I was ready to go.
I admit the outfit looks a lot like it did before. But isn't the goal of mending to be invisible?

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
 Or fix something you already own.


KD said...

I have bought a number of thrift store items that only needed a button, a seam repaired, a hem redone. I suppose the donors didn't have the skills or the time to fix the problem. I try to keep up with my mending, and not let things pile up. Mending isn't as much fun or as creative as refashioning an item for a new look, but it is so cost-effective !

I Can Work With That said...

I agree KD! A little time spent on the mending and you get new clothes on the cheap!
Thanks for the comment!