Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Fun with Flannel

Hello Readers. I found an amazing flannel dress. It was so amazing because it was soft and warm and there was so much of it. Have you ever seen this much flannel on one person? It's a lot. Maybe too much?

Honestly, this is the most unattractive dress I have ever seen. Nothing says, "Not tonight Honey!" like floor length flannel. It's like Mrs. Claus launched a clothing line.

I decided that there was just too much dress here. Way. Too. Much. Dress. I started at the bottom. It needed to be shorter. Maybe a lot shorter.

I hemmed it and I had a long vest/duster to layer over a shirt. I liked that, but would I like more if I made it even shorter?

Maybe I would. I made it mid thigh length. I really liked it this length. I think less is more with this fabric.

I had to find some good light for this picture. I ended up in the hallway with my youngest who is deep in a Lego phase. I asked him to move over for a minute and stood at attention until I was done.

I had a lot of fabric leftover. What would I do with all that extra flannel? I made tiny pads for taking off eye makeup. I saw these on Instagram and wanted to try them. They were soft on the eyes, lint free and more environmentally friendly. And a lot cheaper in the long run. Mine were square and made of 2 layers of flannel. I put them in a mesh bag for washing because they were so small. This was a great way to use scrap fabric.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

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