Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A No-Sew Hoodie Refashion

Hello Readers. I am in the mood for warm cozy clothes. I spent most of December wearing dresses for charity and trying to deal with a broken heater. I was cold ALL month. At least it seemed that way. I want comfort and layers of warmth. That is what brings us to this sweatshirt. I had a navy blue hoodie. It was comfortable but not very exciting. Could I do something fun with it?

Here it is. A simple ladies athletic hoodie sweat jacket.

I didn't do any sewing. I decided to cut off the sleeves and the waistband and zipper. I curved the front to cut off the pockets too. This jacket was a little big which was perfect because I wanted it loose enough that I could wear it over anything. Even a sweater. I want to be able to pile on layers and layers of clothes.

I had a loose sort of vest/jacket/shawl that felt weightless but added some nice warmth. The armholes kept it on easily as opposed to a shawl. (They always fall off my shoulders.) I went outside for pictures because I am having trouble with my lighting set-up. As we were taking pictures Some neighbors seemed to take notice.

I heard someone jogging over to see my not so athletic jacket.

Make that 3 someones. I don't know why they ran over. Maybe they wanted a picture? Here it is fellas.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

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