Friday, September 6, 2019

Using Bits and Pieces

Hello Readers. I found this soft knit turquoise dress at a clothes swap. There was nothing wrong with it but it was a little plain. What could I do to jazz it up a little?

I am comfortable but a little bored.

This dress had a deep V in the front and a round neck hole in the back. There was a seam down the middle of the front and the back. I decided to turn it around and use the back as the front. Then it wouldn't be too low cut.

I decided to use this trim that was attached to the hem of another skirt. I just unpicked the stitches and took it off the skirt. I wanted to make this trim into a belt.

 I used the hardware from my son's old belt. This belt was faded but the brass hardware was in great condition. I cut the belt off the buckle.

I put the pretty trim on the buckle and stitched it in place with my sewing machine.

You can see from this very blurry picture that I took The sides in too.

The belt added some color and define the waist. But it seemed like the buckle was SO big. It just didn't look as nice as I imagined it would. It was a little too heavy for this lace and this dress. So, now what?

I decided to get rid of the buckle and use a snap to make the belt open and close. It is a better fit for this simple dress. And if I want to wear the dress at Thanksgiving? I can leave the belt off. Versatility!

Here is the snap I stitched on the belt by hand. Easy as pie.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
***Year End update-This dress is waiting for summer to come back out. It was a great dress for a hot summer day.

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