Friday, September 20, 2019

The Button Down Dress/Jacket

Hello Readers. I have yet another dress from my daughter to show you. This dress was too small on her and she passed it on to me. (It really pays to have a tall daughter!)

The dress sort of fit barely me. It had a lot of stretch so, I was physically able to get into it. I did manage to button it. It was too tight though. I could have made it into a skirt, but I had another idea.

I wanted to keep it as a jacket style shirt. Is there a real word for that? I can't think of one. I cut the dress off right under the button placket. I also cut the very bottom of the jacket off as well. I wanted that hemmed edge. I cut off a little extra so I could fold the edge under and stitch it down. It was going to be a belt. There were belt loops, it should have a belt, right?

Here is my new short sleeve jacket. It fits comfortably, as long as I don't try to button it closed. I liked how it looked a little like a trench coat. I wasn't sure about the belt. Should I let the ends hang? Should I tie the ends in knots?

I decided to connect the ends in the back and add buttons so it looked more finished. I really liked how this turned out.The ends will stay out of the way but it still looks like a belt.

I liked wearing it open and I thought it was great for a casual work day.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


KD said...

Nice shirt jacket for early fall wear! It turns a Tshirt and jeans into an outfit that looks stylish for an outing. The belt solution is clever; I will remember that for my future refashions. Thanks for the idea!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks so much KD! I am glad you liked it.
Happy sewing to you,