Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Denim Dress with Weird Sleeves

Hello Readers. I liked this denim dress. It was comfortable and denim matches everything. What could be wrong?

Well, the sleeves looked cool but when I raised my arms the sleeves pulled the dress up. The dress seemed to stay up and it got stuck up on my shoulders. I couldn't wear it like this. It was too short when it got stuck on my shoulders.

I decided to remove the sleeves. I thought it would still have the the straps on my shoulders. It would still be cute. Maybe I could use the ruffles on the sleeves to dress up the shoulder straps. (*Spoiler alert-None of these ideas worked.)
The shoulder straps didn't fit anymore. I couldn't get my arms into them. I had to cut them off too. And the ruffles I wanted to make? They didn't work either. This refashion was starting to fall apart. 

So, I ended up with a strapless dress. It wasn't what I wanted but that's life. It was still nice fabric and it still matched everything. And without the sleeves the dress stayed where it should now. But it didn't fit well and I felt like I was not fully dressed.The sweater helped a lot but I didn't like the dress very much.

I kept going. I turned the fabric in at the waist and made a casing for some elastic.

This skirt was plain and simple and I LOVED it! I didn't know I needed this skirt in my life. The waist is very gathered, like a paper bag style waist. And it was as comfortable as a pair of baggy sweatpants.

I didn't want to stop wearing it. I wore it with this orange shirt. It had a round scooped neckline that gaped open a little too much.

I made some loose diagonal stitches by hand and pulled the fabric together to pull the neckline together and make it smaller.

I made my stitches from one shoulder seam to the other. I left the back as it was. I saw this idea on a video from Pinterest. You can see it here.

I went to a local car show with the family for fun. It was great free fun.

My 4 year old loved it...until he got tired and wanted me to carry him.

It seemed like the whole town was there.
Small town excitement!
Thanks for reading along now go make something fun for  yourself.
 ***Year End update-This skirt and shirt got a lot of wear over the summer and into fall. I love them both.

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