Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Comicbook T-shirt 1

Hello Readers. Are you into comic books? I am not a hard-core fan but my older son had some shirts he didn't want and you know what that means...I start taking what I like.

The first shirt that caught my eye was this Incredible Hulk shirt. This Hulk was so cute, and it was designed to look like the cover of a vintage comic book. That was cute too. I also had memories of the TV show version of the Hulk that I watched as a kid. Do you remember this show? I remember being super impressed at the time but the special effects are really weak. So, the Hulk and I go way back. 
Back to this shirt, it was too big and needed some refashion help.

 Here comes the help. My daughter didn't want this shirt and I could kind of see why. I don't get a message from this shirt. I am 100% all in for recycling but was this shirt calling me trashy? Was it calling other people trashy? I didn't like that. I did like the fit and the sleeveless style and the knot. You can see what's coming right?

 I cut the Hulk off the shirt. I tried to make a perfect rectangle to keep the comic book shape and vibe. It wasn't actually perfect but it was close.

I positioned the Hulk piece on the gray shirt. I used a little bit of iron-on tape to keep it in place for the sewing I was going to do. I could have pinned it, but I thought it would shift around and I would get angry.
As angry as the Hulk! (You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.)

I used a zig-zag stitch all the way around the rectangle shape. I wasn't worried that it would fray, I just wanted to make it look more finished

Here is a peek at the inside. You can see the outline of the stitching on the left. The right is what the inside looked like when I cut out the trashy logo from the gray shirt. I didn't want the front to have 2 layers. I wanted it to be light-weight.

Here is my finished shirt. I wish I could say I went out and exercised in this.

Here I am making dinner in this shirt. I now, the excitement is almost too much. This shirt is perfect for wearing to workout or lounge at home. It's also great for pajamas that you can go outside in and not look like you are wearing pajamas. I think I could style this one with jeans and make it cute too.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
 ***Year End update-This shirt is one of my favorites still. I love that little Hulk.

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