Friday, August 30, 2019

It's On The Bag

Hello Readers. Back in the Spring I went to an antique show. My sister-in-law gave me a ticket and off I went. (Thanks J.) It was fun and I got a free gift.

 I got this tote bag with my ticket. It's super-cute... if you like campers. Or camping. Or the outside world of nature. My friends, I need to honest. I am not a camper. I have nothing against the great outdoors but I am not a great outdoors-woman. I am allergic to a lot of it and it doesn't seem to be a place where I do well. So what am I going to do with a bag with a camper on it?

Well, I started by painting over the camper with some off-white paint I had in the craft cabinet.

The camper and trees were gone. But what about the name of the town? It was nice there but I haven't been back to the town since the antique fair. Did I want the name on my bag? Not really.

I painted over the name of the town with black paint. I also Googled pictures of sewing machines. I found some silhouettes of machines and had my husband sketch the shape on my bag where the camper was. (If you don't have a husband who can sketch, just trace a picture you print out from a Google search.)

I also painted a heart over the sewing machine. I wanted red, but I didn't have any red paint. Pink would do fine. The heart covered up a little more of the camper and trees. I was all done. I let it all dry overnight.

I had a great new one-of-a-kind bag that had nothing to do with camping.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
 ***Year End update-A favorite for sure.