Friday, August 9, 2019

The Pro Bowl Shirt

Hello Readers. I think it is fun to play around with clothes and try to make something new. It can be an experiment. What can I make? How can I change things up?

I put this shirt and skirt together because the colors seemed the same. The Pro-Bowl shirt was my son's but he outgrew it. It was big and masculine. The skirt was from a clothes swap. The skirt was almost on the ground! The shirt was big and masculine. It wasn't a nice looking outfit. Free clothes are great but it's not great when they fit like this.

I started by cutting off the sleeves and collar off. I was seeing a tank top shape so I went with that. Check out the cool football and floral fabric.

I cut more of the front away to remove the big logo. I tried to keep each side even. I had now cut of so much of the front it was not going to cover me enough. I had a plan for that.

 I turned it around and use the back off the shirt as the front. I re-tied and adjusted the straps so the V-neck wasn't too low.

The shirt was big enough to criss-cross the back. The 2 sides cross over each other so my back is fully covered.

Work on the skirt came next. It was a fake wrap skirt. There was a fully closed skirt under that flap in the front. I cut the skirt off at my knee length and hemmed it all the way around. I made the "wrap" part a little shorter so it would be more visible. I really liked the stripes and the soft knit material.

I tucked the top in and I was done!

I went downtown and made my husband take my picture in front of these cool angel wings.

And in front of this cool mosaic mural one block over. He got artsy with it.

I gave him a lot of advice even though he is a photographer and his pictures always look so much better than mine. He was a great sport about it though.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
***Year End update-  I really liked the 2 patterns together. It was really comfortable and fun for a date outfit.


KD said...

I love everything about this outfit. I love blue & black together, I love complementary print patterns, I love separates, and I love your unique refashion of the top. I often refashion polos; the knits are sturdy, and there is usually a wide range of colors/patterns/sizes available in thrift shops (or hanging unworn in my husband's closet). I often get rid of the placket, and it can be a challenge to style a top around what is left. I haven't seen your very innovative approach before! Thanks for a clever new idea to make use of polos!!!

I Can Work With That said...

Hi KD,
Thanks for the comment. I have a few of my husband's polo shirts and the placket is the biggest obstacle. I hope to do something different next time.
Happy sewing to you!