Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Shiny Gold One

Hello Readers. Sometimes I find clothes that I like but they don't fit well. Or they don't fit at all. That's OK, a little sewing fixes everything.

 This dress was fabulous and a little shiny but it was too small on top. I couldn't get into it. The best part of the dress was that great skirt. 
 I also loved this high neck top. It was a little big and the armholes were so big that all kinds of stuff was hanging out when I raised my arms. It needed to be altered.
 Could these pieces be a good combination?

I started by cutting the top of the dress off. That's right I cut it off. The top was made of lace and it was not in good condition. It wasn't worth saving. I did save that waistband to use as a quick way to finish the skirt.

I cut right through the zipper. I just unzipped it all the way down and cut in between the metal teeth of the zipper. Then I could fold the ends of the zipper into the waistband and stitch them down. I do this often to create a waistband and it always works.

I didn't try to make a fancy waistband. I just used a zigzag stitch to close it all up where I cut it off the dress. It won't really show when I wear the skirt.

I had to take the sides of this shirt in so the armholes were not so low. It is still loose and comfortable now but everything stays covered when I raise my arms.

I love the new outfit. It is fun and comfortable. The loose top hangs over the waistband and covers my quick and easy waistband sewing.

I like how both of these pieces turned out. This shirt is going to be a new favorite layering piece going into fall weather.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.
 ***Year End update-I love this whole outfit. The shirt matches everything and there is no cleavage to worry about.

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