Friday, August 10, 2018

A Baggy Waistband

Hello Readers. Have you ever tried on a pair of jeans and had them fit everywhere except the waistband? Sometimes the waistband is too loose in the back, but it isn't difficult to fix.

These denim shorts had a lot going for them. The waistband was high enough. (I have had 3 kids and a low waistband isn't what my mom tummy needs at this point in my life.) The fit was great through the hips and thighs but the waistband was not working for me. The shorts were an awkward length for me too. I would fix that later.  

I started by taking the waistband in on the sides. I thought it would blend in really well with the existing side seam. I didn't want to alter the size anywhere but the waist. I put the shorts out on a table and cut a little triangle shape out of each side. You can see I stitched over the new seam 3-4 times so it will never come undone when I am out in public.A zigzag stitch or a serger would finish the raw edge.

 I wanted to shorten the length a little too. I cut the hemmed edge off the bottom of each leg.

I rolled the ends up twice to make a cuff. I liked the new length but I knew it wouldn't stay up by itself.

I tacked it down with a few stitches on the sides, front, and back. The rolled cuffs will stay where I want them. 

I love the new fit. They aren't tighter anywhere but the waist. I need to eat lunch and snacks. I need to breathe. Tight denim is not what I want.

They are great for lounging in the sun. Ha ha, just kidding, I am way too pale to sit in the sun. I hide from the sun.

Trust me, they are good in shade too. 

Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- These were perfect for summer and got tons of wear.


whatthesew said...

What is that strange foot on your machine?

I Can Work With That said...

Hi whatthesew,
Is the foot weird? I think it is whatever came with the machine.....
You are right, my daughters machine has a different foot. I need to do some research and see what is going on.

I Can Work With That said...

I'm back. That is a button-hole foot for my Husqvarna machine. One of them anyway, I have another that looks totally different but is also a uttonhole foot according to the user guide. I think I made a button-hole a couple weeks ago and never put the regular foot back on. I didn't even notice until you said something.
Forgetful mom-brain is a real condition. haha

Cynthia said...


Gosh that was so kind of you to research the foot, but it made the post more informative! Thanks!

I Can Work With That said...

No problem. I was asking myself, "What foot do I have on my machine?". haha