Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Lining a Lacy Tank

Hello Readers. I was given this pretty tank top. It had a beautiful lace back. I thought the shirt could be a winner. But it needed some serious adjustments before I could wear it.

The floral design was pretty and the length was great, but it was totally see through in the back. This caused me some problems. There was no way to wear any kind of a bra with it. (I'm 46. I've had 3 kids. I don't go bra-less. You know what I'm saying here?) The straps would show through and ruin the look of the pretty lace. It needed a shirt under it but it was already a little too tight. There was no room for a second shirt under it. There was barely room for me in there.

I had this light weight vest in my sewing pile. It was a little worn out. It wasn't fit for everyday wear anymore but some of it could be used as a lining under the lacy tank. It already had the right shape in the back. It would be easy to stitch it into the back of the lace shirt to fill in behind the lace. I just need to get that metal buckle out of there.

The tiny stripes were a nice contrast with the floral pattern in the lacy shirt. And the additional fabric covers all the open lace in the back of the shirt perfectly.

The shirt was still a little too tight. I cut it open on the sides and put in a little strip of the striped fabric on each side. That little bit of fabric on the sides made the shirt fit so much better.

I liked how the shirt fit and it was just loose enough, but not too big. This is a great shirt for eating donuts and drinking coffee.

It's a great shirt for going outside with the kids on a hot day.

It's also a great shirt to go see a movie. (I saw Ant-Man and I liked it a lot.)


Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- This is one of my all time favorites.

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