Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pajama Week Nightgown

Hello Readers. It is pajama week here at I Can Work With That. Why pajamas? I had a dress I didn't like very much and I didn't know what to do with it. Then I had an idea! Sleepwear!

I started with this VERY floral knit dress. I liked the feel of the fabric, it was soft and in great condition. The dress was a little too low cut on me and honestly, it's a snooze fest. It was just really boring. The flowers were pretty, but there were so many of them. And there was nothing to break them up. It was just flowers everywhere! It was too much.

That's a lot of flowers man!

I started by cutting off the top of the dress. There was a seam at the waist and I cut the seam off with the bodice. The shape of the top was wrong on me and didn't fit well. I was left with the skirt part of the dress. I didn't want to a skirt though. I wanted a comfortable summer nightgown to sleep and lounge in.

I used some soft cotton blue trim and stitched it all the way around the top of the "skirt" where I had cut it from the dress. The trim would cover the cut edge and it would provide some structure to my nightgown. The fit didn't have to be perfect, sleepwear is usually has a loose relaxed fit. I just needed to get the general shape correct.

After I stitched the trim all the way around the top, I added two shoulder straps. I made sure they were symmetrical and that they were the right length for my shoulders. I attached them on the inside, and I was finished.

The knit fabric is great for sleepwear and the darker colored trim made a great contrast to the floral fabric. Everything is cotton so it will be comfortable and wash well. I like the floral print much better as a nightgown. There is less of it and it just looked more appropriate as sleepwear.

Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- I would wear this nightgown now if it wasn't winter. This was a great refashion.


Rozy Lass said...

I find it amazing and amusing that what you think is boring I think is beautiful and I'd love to find a dress like that at the thrift store. LOL. I don't wear anything sleeveless and that's about all there is at the stores these days, at least where I live. Looks like a comfy, pretty nightie. Good Job!

I Can Work With That said...

Hi Rozy Lass. The fabric was pretty but the fit and style of the dress just didn't work on me. It was sort of shapeless. It would have looked better on someone taller. I hope you find one like it in your thrift store. And thanks for the comment. It is always great to hear from a reader.