Friday, August 3, 2018

Bedding Fit For a King (Sized Bed)

Hello Readers. My mother in law recently gave me a pile of sheets she didn't want anymore. They were pretty and matched my bedroom.It was great!

The only problem was the size. There were twin and queen size sheets. I wanted to make them fit my bed somehow. I decided to combine them all and make a duvet cover for a comforter.


I saw first that the queen size sheet was big enough to cover the top of the bed. One side of the duvet would be made of this red queen size sheet.

For the other side of the duvet I used the twin sheets. The red center is a fitted twin sheet. I cut off the elastic and cut it into a rectangular shape. The yellow sheet I cut in half and attached to the sides of the red sheet. It hangs over the side of the bed so lots of the pretty yellow fabric shows. I was liking how it looked so far.

The only problem was that the red fitted sheet ended up a bit shorter than the other sheets. I needed to add something to the top to make it longer.

I decided to add this tiny piece of curtain to the top of the red sheet. It is actually a very small valance. It came from my mother in law too. (She is very nice.)

You can see where I fit it in to the sheets at the top. The straight lines made it easy to stitch together.

I can use either side of the duvet cover and the sheets are machine washable. I can throw it in the wash all the time as needed. It is open at the top so I can put a quilt inside for winter.

I need to wash this all the time because of these 2 troublemakers. They are always spreading dirt around the house.

Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- This is on my bed right now as I type this update months later.

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