Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Denim Jacket For Summer

Hello Readers. I decided to make an old denim jacket a little more light weight for summer.I thought it would be great over sundresses.

I started with a simple basic broken in jacket. I had removed the pocket flaps a while back because they were covered with shiny gold studs. I didn't like the shiny studs so I just cut them off. You can see how it looked originally here.

I cut the sleeves off so I had a denim vest. I just cut along the seam at the armhole. The stitching at the seam will keep the jacket together. The edge will fray a little in the wash. That will give it a great distressed look.

I cut out the back panel. I cut along the seams so the jacket would still have a good strong structure to keep it together and hold it's shape.

I needed to fill the back of the vest in with something. I decided to use this sweater. It had a nice crocheted back. (I didn't mind cutting it up because it was also too tight in the arms and I could barely squeeze into it last winter.) I cut the crocheted part of the sweater out of the back. It had a thick self-contained edging around it. I removed the whole thing and kept it it one piece so it wouldn't unravel.

It was easy to insert it into the back of the vest. It was really thick to stitch through, but not difficult. Whatever I wear under the vest shows through and highlights the crochet work nicely.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- This is in my closet and I still like it a lot.

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