Friday, August 17, 2018

The Great Green Skirt

Dear Readers. The best thing about sewing is making clothes all your own. Even clothes that don't fit at all. A little sewing and those clothes can be all yours.

I really fell in love with this green and yellow floral print when I saw it at a clothes swap. I liked the midi length too. It was a great skirt, it just didn't fit me. That's OK, I am going to make it fit.

I decided to remove all the excess from one side of the skirt because the other side had a zipper. I didn't want to remove and replace a zipper so I worked around it. I tried to keep the skirt panels balanced and symmetrical. I gave it some thought and then I just did the best I could. (That is how I do most things.)

I also tried to make the tank a little less bulky in the mid-section where the waistband of this skirt was going to be on me. It was a small change but it helped improve the fit. And I really needed that white shirt because I have nothing else to wear with this skirt. Why don't I have any other white shirts?
 I don't know. I will work on that.

I was happy I could make this skirt fit. It only took a few minutes to fix this skirt the way I wanted. It was worth the time to get a fun twirly skirt like this.

Y'know, outside spinning in circles. As usual.
Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- This skirt is a favorite.

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