Friday, March 30, 2018

Painted Jars

 Hello Readers. I was curious if I could paint some old canning jars and I wondered what they would look like. I wanted them to be decorative but I wasn't sure how they would turn out.

I started with these simple glass jars. I didn't have lids for them, I just had the jars. I wanted to paint them white and make the writing more visible.I was just kind of curious what I could do with them and how they would turn out.

I got some simple acrylic craft paint and a brush and I started painting. I used flat white paint. I tried to protect the counter from the paint with newspaper.

I painted one thin coat. I let it dry, and then I painted again.

Before the paint dried I wiped it off the lettering with a cotton swab. I didn't need it to clean off perfectly, I just wanted the glass to show through.

In between coats of paint I wrapped my paintbrush in a plastic bag. It kept the brush from drying out and I could paint with it again. It saved me from washing the brush out between each coat.

I also tried a different approach. What would it look like if I painted the inside of a jar? I painted one thick coat of paint in the jar.

Here are my finished jars. They look different but I like them both. They are great as a vase for flowers or just alone.

***   BONUS TRACK   ***

I hate when shirts are too low cut. I wear a shirt under them. sometimes the under-shirt is too low cut too. That was the problem with this blue shirt. It didn't do any good  the way it was. The scoop neck is too low.

I was in a hurry and cut off the top of the shirt. Chop, chop!

I wore it like a tube top under this purple shirt. It is straight across the top so it hides all the cleavage I want to hide. The stretch of the fabric make it comfortable and keeps it staying up.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- These jars were funny. The white paint slides around if it gets wet. So I just don't get it wet. And the aqua jar is easier to handle but whatever goes inside can scratch the paint if I am not careful.
The blue undershirt is always handy.


Classic Petunia said...

Two great ideas! I have some flat white chalk paint. I wonder how that would adhere to the glass?

I Can Work With That said...

You never know until you try. But the distressed look hides any imperfections. :)