Friday, March 9, 2018

The Sassy Sweatshirt

Hello Readers. Some days are made for dressing up and going out and some are made for sweatshirts and being lazy. My daughter had a great sweatshirt that she loved. It was soft and cozy and had some great sassy writing on the front. The problem was that it didn't fit well at all. I needed to make it smaller, without altering the fun writing on the front of the shirt. 
OK, I can do that.

You can see from the back that the neckline was way to big and too low. Maybe it was supposed to hang off the shoulder in a slouchy way?  No, the material was too thick to hang off anything. The sleeves were too long too. It made the sleeves bunch up or hang off her hands.

You can see the front neckline is too big. She wore a blue shirt under it because it was too open and revealing to wear by itself. The waistband also bunched up around the waist while she was wearing it. The waistband was too tight and would ride up. It wasn't comfortable like this.

I know what you're thinking. What is this lousy picture here for? I was very confused about why my camera couldn't focus. Or was it something wrong with my computer? Long story short after an investigation; my 2 year old got his sticky hands all over my camera lens and it took me hours to figure it out. Obviously, tech is not my area of expertise but seriously it took me forever to discover I needed to clean my lens.

I made the sleeves shorter. I removed the waistband and left it off.
Here is another terrible picture of the sleeves getting shortened. It was right after this that I realized how to fix the camera.

I made the sleeves about 4 inches shorter.

I took a big piece of fabric out of the back of the shirt. It was just too big and This made the neckline smaller as well. It wouldn't be so low and it didn't alter or disturb the writing on the front.

The new neckline fits so much better. Taking the fabric out from the back made the neck hole smaller and higher. It fits better and doesn't need a shirt under it.

The back of the sjirt fits better too. It doesn't hang down too much. 

The sleeves are 3/4 length now. Instead of hanging down over the hands they can stay up on the arms. Now that the waistband is cut off the shirt can hang loose and comfortable when it's time to relax.

We can't always wear dress clothes, sometimes you need casual clothes to wear too. Thanks for reading this post, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- This is still great for relaxing on the weekend.

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