Friday, March 23, 2018

The Gray Spring Dress

Hello Readers. It is Spring but you can't tell by looking outside my window. It was gray, and then snowy and now we are digging out. Being snowed in gave me some time to sew. 
(It also gave me time to eat a lot of banana bread, chocolate, and cheese puffs.)

I got this great knit dress from a clothes swap recently. Usually you can't try things on at clothes swaps so you have to guess and hope things will fit. I guessed wrong with this gray dress. I knew it was a little big and boxy but I didn't know exactly how it would fit until I got home, washed it, and tried it on. It was made of nice knit material that I liked, but the dress was too big and the cowl neck was too low.

There was a seam in the middle of the back that I was going to use as a guide. I was going to make a new seam down the middle of the back of the dress. That would make the body of the dress smaller and make the cowl neck smaller. It would also make the skirt a bit smaller too.

I also wanted the dress to be shorter. It was just too long. When I put it on my dress form I could see that the dress was actually uneven and I needed to make a new even hem. I used the dress form and measured with a yard stick from the floor to what would be knee length on me.

Here is the finished dress, It is still pretty shapeless and boxy. This dress will never be great on it's own. It needs ......

A belt! Sometimes you just have to add a belt. The neckline fits much better now and the dress is easy to wear and cozy soft.

Why is this picture so dark? Sorry, tech difficulties.
You can see in this brightly lit picture the shorter dress. The circle of fabric on the ground is what was cut off to make the dress shorter. I had a plan for that leftover fabric, I will tell you all about that next time.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


Classic Petunia said...
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Classic Petunia said...

Lookin’ good! 😁

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Classic Petunia!