Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Gray Leftovers Shirt

Hello Readers. If you sew often or at all, you will get an abundance of fabric scraps. I always try to use the scraps of clothes that I cut off for refashion. Why would I throw them away when I might need them later? Sometimes you just need a small piece to refashion something else. My project today is an example of that. I just needed to add a little scrap of fabric to fix this striped shirt.

My last post was about refashioning this gray knit dress. I had the long piece of fabric that I had cut off the bottom. That scrap was perfect for my striped shirt.

My first step was to open the side seams and arm seams of the shirt. It would have taken a long time to unpick all the stitches so I just cut the seam off entirely. I also took the cuffs off the sleeves. I would reattach them later.

I made 2 long strips of the dark gray fabric. I was going to insert them into the sleeves and the sides of the shirt. It will make the shirt larger so I can wear it. It was too small and too tight for me to wear.

I used my machine and did some stitching. I put the gray fabric pieces in the shirt and reattached the cuffs. The gray strips of fabric were a little too long, I over estimated how much I would need. I cut off the extra fabric, leaving a little to fold in and stitch down.

I finished hemming the lower edge of the gray pieces and the shirt was done!

This shirt fits great now. It just needed to be a little bit bigger. The gray sides coordinate with the trim that was already part of the shirt. I liked how it turned out.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

*Year end update- I really love this shirt. It's one of my all time favorites. 

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