Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Flip Flop Shorts

Hello Readers. I hope you have time to do something fun today. I have been working on clothes for the warm sunny days ahead. Summer to means sunshine and flip-flops to me. So, when I found these capri pants at a clothes swap, I fell a little in love.

You are probably wondering why I liked these pants so much. They are too baggy, too wide, and too long to be capri length on me. They don't look good at all. 

But look at the cute little blue and pink flip flops! How could I pass these over when I saw them. I brought them home and tried to make them work for me. I love finding fun prints like this at the thrift store and clothes swaps. I think the black background keeps it from being too juvenile.

I am not a big fan of capri pants. They look cute on everyone else. They don't do anything good for short little legs like mine. I usually either wear shorts or long pants because of that. I decided to make these flip-flop pants into basic shorts. I can wear them all Summer long. I used a pair of shorts I like and made sure to match up the center crotch seam of the shorts and pants. If you notice the leg is cut at an angle. The outer thigh is higher then the inner thigh. I never noticed that until recently and when I made shorts in the past, they didn't fit well.
 I cut and hemmed these shorts in no time, 

The pink shirt just needed shorter straps to fit nicely. It was a little too low before. (See the top picture.) The pink of this shirt matched the pink in the flip-flops exactly. That pretty much determined my outfit and this post. 

I wore it on a nice warm afternoon out in Shepherdstown, WV. It is a quaint little town full of cute shops and great restaurants. 

Shepherdstown is full of beautiful old homes and buildings like this one. Isn't it gorgeous? I think this is my dream house. Look at that porch, it's begging for a swing and some lemonade.

We stopped for Mexican food and I ate this whole bowl of chips myself. Do I have the willpower and inner strength to resist a big pile of warm tortilla chips? No... No, I do not. 
I would do it again in a second.

Mmmm. They were good. I have no regrets.

*****      BONUS TRACK     *****

Here are the sad blurry pictures of a super quick refashion I did recently. I tried to take pictures of myself because no one was around to help me. I usually make my big kids take pictures of me. 
(They do not enjoy it at all.)

This orange shirt was such a pretty color but the loose fit was awful on me. I am bigger on top than I am on the bottom and this loose fit top made me tool like a giant round scoop of orange sherbet. It also had long useless strings hanging from the neck area. I cut them off.

I connected the two strings and made a long waist tie. It made me look more in proportion and less round and shapeless. The top is less puffy everywhere and I now have a waist. That has to be a good thing.

A thousand apologies for the bad photos, I thought the quick project was worth sharing with you though. A belt of some kind helps almost every badly fitting garment.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


Unknown said...

All all ALL of Sarah's straps should be shortened. If only her mother knew how to sew.

I Can Work With That said...

Tami Maerten - It is the curse of petite women, hemming everything. Maybe Sarah needs to start sewing. :)