Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Organized Storage on a Budget

Hello Readers. I am like most moms, I like to be neat and organized. But it is difficult to stay neat and organized, isn't it? I am always trying, but not always succeeding. I decided to make some matching jars to hold odds and ends. I can't seem to bring myself to buy new containers that all match. I am pretty cheap/frugal. 

 I got this idea because I love this Del Monte Grapefruit. I was buying it almost every week so I had access to many of these jars. You could use another container or jar for this idea. 

Wow, the produce section!

I started by washing out the jar and peeling off the labels. These labels came off easily with a little soap and warm water. Not all labels are easily removed. If they don't come off, you can cover them with some decoration or find a different container.

Here is the fun part. Adding a little decoration makes them more fun. Use your imagination, anything goes. I used this blue and white tape to start with but you could use ribbon, fabric, Duck tape,....

This "tape" was new to me. It has no sticky side.I just wrapped the tape around the jars and used a glue gun to secure it to the jar. I use my glue gun for everything and anything. It dries/cools in seconds. If you use traditional glue, just clamp it while it dries.

I also wrapped some simple twine around the top to hide/decorate the tops of the jars. A little dab of hot glue holds the twine in place. They match but I can still see inside.

Something about matching containers makes things seem more organized and neat. It looks like I have things under control at my house. 

I do not have things under control at my house. He said he was going to wash his play dishes and 5 seconds later he was on the counter trying to get to the coffee. Do 2 year old boys need coffee? No.
Do moms of 2 year old boys need coffee? YES!!! 

Does his head look huge in this picture on the left?? It's normal size, I promise. 

Thanks for reading, not go make something fun for yourself.


Rozy Lass said...

Great re-use of those jars!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks Rozy Lass. It is easier to make a jar than it is to clean out the cluttler. haha