Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why Knot? (A No-Sew Refashion)

Hello Readers. I did a fun refashion recently that didn't require any sewing at all. It was so easy, even a kid could do this one. It all started with a big knit shirt, but any old T-shirt would do. 

This shirt was great. I liked the stripes and it said "Medium" on the tag. I liked it so much I bought it off the clearance rack without trying it on. That is always a bad idea. I came home and when I tried on the shirt I found it was ENORMOUS! It wasn't maternity but two pregnant ladies could fit in here. And if the wind picked up the shirt could go flying over my head. 

I used a fan to show how big this shirt really was. It billowed like the sail of a pirate ship. 

I decided to make the shirt smaller by first cutting the sides into horizontal strips. The length of the strips would depend on how much smaller you want to make the shirt. 

I cut off the ends and then tied the narrow strips into knots. I tried to make sure to tie them securely. I didn't want them to open up when I was out and about. I cut off the excess from the knots.
 (You can wear a tank or cami underneath if the knots become too revealing.)

Here is a side and front view of the shirt when I was done. It is still a nice loose fit but it isn't a gigantic circus tent anymore.

I didn't buy just one giant shirt that day at the store. Oh, no. I bought two. This pink floral short was the same shape and size as the black striped shirt above. (Medium was a lot bigger than I expected.) This shirt has a nylon front. I didn't want to try and alter the nylon. It frays like crazy and it a pain to work with. 
I decided to focus on the back of the shirt which was a knit T-shirt material.

I spread the shirt out on the floor so I could find the center of the back panel. I cut straight up the back and then cut the thin strips. 

I tied the knots and then cut off the excess. You can see the finished knots in the photo below. By removing some fabric from the back, it pulled the shirt tighter in the front and made it smaller.

The shirt is still loose but not so huge. This project was so quick and easy, I had time to go to a movie. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something for yourself.

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