Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Flash Dance Shirt

Hello Readers. Do you remember the 80's? I sure do. If you were alive then you remember "Flash Dance". It was a hit movie and it made off the shoulder sweatshirts a big fashion trend. This shirt reminded me of those shirts. This pink shirt has huge wings as well. 

You can see how ridiculous it looked on me. I didn't think I could wear these wings. I decided to remove them. This basic knit T-shirt material. It will be easy to work with.

I started by laying the shirt flat and cutting off some of the side wings. I had the beginning of some normal sleeves. I could see the body of the shirt was just too big. 

I needed to make the body a little smaller. There was a seam that ran straight down the back of the shirt. I used it as a guide and removed about 4 inches from the back of the shirt. 

I slimmed the sides down a little too. It made the body more narrow and the sleeves longer. It is still a full cut loose shirt. And the neckline is still wide, but not quite as wide as before. 

I had to make the blue tank top less low cut as well. I took about 2 inches from the straps. Easy-peasy.

I wore this on an afternoon underground at the Crystal Grottoes Caverns. 

It was very cool (Literally, 54 degrees) to walk through the caves and see all the formations.

Cave bacon!                             Don't touch anything!

I recommend the tour highly. We has a lot of fun. If you are near Boonsboro, MD go check it out. (They didn't pay me to say that. I just liked the caves.)

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.

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