Thursday, April 27, 2017

Salvaging A 70's Outfit Part 2

Hello Readers. Are you ready for a flash from the past? Actually two flashes from the past. The shirt I made here began long ago with a vintage outfit someone made back in the 70's. That is my guess from the design of the floral fabric. I made a skirt about a year ago from the same material, you can see it here

It seemed the vintage outfit was made for a woman about 6 feet tall and 86 pounds in weight. It was SO narrow. This little floral wrap top is so cute but it is very tight on my dress form and on me it would like a busted can of refrigerator biscuits. The chest would come out the top and the mom gut would come out of the bottom. It is too awful to think about it. The red shirt was a loose T-shirt of heavy cotton. It just happened to match the red in the floral fabric. I figured it was meant to go together.

I could fit my arms in the sleeves of this wrap top so I removed them. I couldn't fit in the rest of the shirt but I could use the arms in another top. A top that would fit my 45 year old mom body. (I love my kids, I don't love my stretch marks.)

This was the red shirt with the sleeves cut off. I cut just inside the seam around the arm holes. It looks like a simple sleeveless T-shirt. You can guess what I am going to do next right?

I turned everything inside out and pinned the new sleeves in place as securely as I could. Pins never seem to stay in place for me so I doubled up to make sure it wouldn't move around while I was sewing. Both of these fabrics were similar weight knits and easy to work with.

After I attached the sleeves (3/4 length) I wanted some more of that fabulous floral fabric. I removed the waist tie and considered using it around the neck of the shirt. It looked annoying so I decided against that idea.  


I took the end of the waist tie and made a tiny pocket. That seemed cute so I went with it. 

I like the new T-shirt. It is so cheerful. And it was a way to use the floral fabric that I liked but was too small. That floral was a little overwhelming as a whole shirt. (Imagine an entire outfit!)

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


kitblu said...

How clever! I will keep this idea in mind. Sometimes a fabric is good but the design or colour is overwhelming. Now I know how to get some use from it.

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks for the comment kitblu. The fabric was so unique but imagine a whole outfit made out of it. Too much!