Thursday, April 13, 2017

In The Pink

Hello Readers. How are you? The phrase "in the pink" means in good health and spirits. I hope that is you today. I was feeling "Springy" and cheerful when I decided to use some pink dye to freshen up this shirt. 

I used this pretty "Petal Pink" shade. Even the name sounds like flowers and Springtime doesn't it? I picked this Rit Dye up at my local Walmart. It was inexpensive and easy to use. (No, they didn't pay me to say that.) There are even more colors available at the fabric store. This stuff can work wonders. Let's try it.

So, back to the shirt. This shirt looked almost like new except that the burgundy stripes had bled a little in the wash and they looked a little muddy now. It just didn't look very good. It was a little too big too but there was no point in altering the shirt if the colors were looking so sloppy. The shirt went in a bucket of hot water, salt and pink dye.

Once it was freshly dyed, rinsed, and washed I adjusted the size. I used a shirt I really liked as a guide. I marked the pink shirt and got to sewing and cutting.

You can see here what I removed from the length, sides and arms. The change in size helped change the look of the shirt but the dye is the real magic here.

The top fits better and is much more flattering and the pink makes it much more fun.

I wore this shirt to the dentist. My son was due for a check-up and cleaning but after waiting 2 HOURS they said we had to make another appointment for the actual cleaning.
 The chances of me going back there are even smaller than my chances of me playing professional baseball.

No, I didn't spill this hot tea while I was driving.

***     BONUS TRACK     ***

Is there anything in your closet that makes you question your decision making? These shoes were a bad decision. I liked the neutral color and they made me taller by a couple inches. But the metal studs look like they belong in a music video. Am I a secret pop singer? Am I a part-time rock star? No. No, I am not. These shoes do not fit my happy but ho-hum lifestyle. 

Why is there a buckle on top of the laces? How secure do my feet need to be?

I started cutting of everything "extra". I was going to cut and cut and just see what happened.

You can see the pieces of shoe I cut off. It was easy to cut through the shoe, I thought it would be more difficult. 

Here is the more simple shoe. You can see the spot where I cut the buckle off. They are not perfect but I think I might actually wear them now.

Here is a look at the shoes in use. I know, the lack of action and excitement in this photo is mind blowing. I said before it is a happy but ho-hum life I lead. These shoes were perfect for sitting on the front porch.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fun for yourself.


A.C. said...

The top looks great and such a quick fix, at least you make it look easy.
In answer to the (rhetorical maybe) question: yes ! oh yes, I do question myself about buying this or that. Usually it's the things that I never wear at all. Why did I think I would have the courage to wear them or the time to "fix" them ?

I Can Work With That said...

hahaha, I am glad to hear it's not just me making these mistakes. Thanks for the comment.