Friday, December 11, 2015

The Torturous Turquoise Tunic

Hello Readers. Today's project is a two-fer. So... this turquoise dress. It was difficult and frustrating and I quit a few times before I could finish. This was going to be a post about knowing when to quit. After taking a break or two, I would think of another idea to make this work.

I started with this shapeless linen dress from a clothes swap. I loved the color and I was so excited to start sewing.  It was a few weeks of working and quitting and working again until I was really done and satisfied with this project.

It is a two piece outfit. It has a tank style dress underneath. It is hard to see, but there is a sheer panel at the bottom and a slit on each side. (I appear to be giving a speech from a Greek play.)

My original idea was to turn it upside down and make the sheer panel a boat neckline and sleeves. I pinned it and it came together together really well but I didn't factor in how uncomfortable it would be because it had no stretch to it and it was itchy. I could have finished it but I would never wear it again. Now it was much smaller and I didn't know how to make it fit a different way. I was frustrated and took a break. 

On to Plan B. I used the original top of the dress and made it a loose tunic style top. I attached elastic to the back to cinch it in a little. I had to leave it big enough to get it over my head and that made it shapeless and baggy. The elastic made it more flattering.

The tunic length looked nice and the linen fabric was soft and comfortable. But it was a way too tight around the hips from my previous sewing. I took another break. When I came back I inserted triangles made of the sheer material to expand the bottom of the tunic. The fit was better but you can't really see them very well when the shirt is on.

I finished the seams, evened out the hem and ironed it all just in time for a cool day. The sweater helped keep me warm and here you can see the elastic across the back.

Here is the jacket. I still love the color and it has beautiful lacy cuffs and a matching lacy hem. It is just too big through the body. And, that Peter Pan collar is very large...

Step 1, remove the shoulder pads.

Step 2, tuck the collar under and stitch it down.

Step 3, pray I don't run out of thread!

It is getting better. It needs to be ironed and I need to find something to wear it with. It seems much shorter now that I have taken in the sides. It will look cute over a dress maybe. I don't have anything to wear this with right now. 

Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself.

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