Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Vest Jacket

Hello Readers. My project today is a casual jacket. It started as a vest that didn't get much use. To be honest, if my body is cold enough for a jacket, than my arms are cold too. I needed sleeves. I found this sweatshirt at a clothes swap. I didn't like the big logo on the chest. So, you can probably guess what I did next.

The vest has an interior draw string. It gives it a nice shape, it's not too heavy or bulky. I just needed to wear it more.

I attached the hood to the collar and made my stitches on top of the seam that was already there. The edges of the hood are raw, I just cut them off the sweatshirt and attached them to the vest. They won't fray.

I attached the arms, and again sewed along the seams on the armholes.

It was finished just in time for a cold, damp day. But what did I do with the body of the sweatshirt?

I refashioned it for K.C the Wonder Dog. I just sewed down the middle of the chest. I cut the pocket down and used it to cover what was left of the logo. I also cut out the belly.

He doesn't like to be cold and appreciated the sweatshirt but he wouldn't pose nice for the camera at all.

Thanks for reading this, now go make yourself something fabulous.


jenny_o said...

This looks really nice. I like the colour contrast!

And I love that you made your dog a sweater :) And hey, that IS a pose, technically.

Do you think any of our cats would like a sweater? I don't know any dogs.

I Can Work With That said...

hahahahahaha I am having trouble picturing putting a sweater on a cat.