Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Messy Neckline

Hello Readers. I hope this is a happy sewing day for you. My project today is a fix for the neckline of this shirt. I found it at a clothes swap and it seemed brand new or close to it. After I washed it the neckline was loose and coming out from the inside. I could have just ironed it, but I hate to iron and I would need to iron it every time I wore it. You know what that means? I would never wear it. 

Here you can see the whole shirt. It isn't awful, but it doesn't look sharp either. 

I stitched around the neckline once. I was careful of the pleats. This made that inner lining lay flat for good.

I wore it to a Christmas party recently with this sweet guy.

The big plate is mine. This could be a factor in the baby weight I am still carrying. Oops!

Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself.

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