Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Painted Shoes

Hello Readers. Today's project is another pair of shoes. What?!? Another pair? That's right baby! And they aren't even my shoes. So let's get started and I will explain what is going on..

I have a daughter and she really liked these shoes. They were off white, lacy and went with everything. Walking around campus has taken a toll on them. They are just dirty. We were not sure if they were washable. So, they just sat in the closet for a while.

It occurred to me that I could probably just paint them. They were heavy cotton and I know I can paint clothing. Why not cotton shoes?

I found some matching acrylic craft paint at the store for 50 cents. I applied it with a sponge, two coats on the really bad spots. They looked better right away. I let them dry overnight.

They came out great. They were a little rigid when they dried but my daughter wore them for a few minutes and said they softened up after walking around the house. She was very happy with them.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself.

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