Thursday, December 3, 2015

Winter Gear From A Sweater

Hello Readers. It is getting cold and wintery out there. You know what you need? Things to keep you warm. Hats, scarves, mittens and even leg warmers. You have an old sweater somewhere you can use for this project, I know you do. You can even make these for someone else. They will be happy to have these as a gift to keep them cozy. As happy as the lovely lady in this picture.

She is super happy!

I saw this on Facebook and decided to try it myself. I started with a big soft cowl neck sweater. It will be all cut up when we are finished.

I cut the neck off the sweater just under the seam binding it to the body of the sweater. Depending on the sweater it may not need to be stitched up on the end. The seam may keep it all together for you.  This is the scarf. I cut the arms off as well. These will be the leg warmers.

You can use your hands as a guide to cut out the mittens from each side. The bottom hem of the sweater is going to be the wrist of each mitten. There should be enough in the middle to cut out a hat. You need to put the good sides or outsides so they face each other and stitch the raw edges together.

Is it just me or do the finished pieces look like a little man?

Here we are all finished and modeled by my sister-in-law. I gave these to her for her birthday.

Thanks for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself. Or someone else.


My Card Attic: Hazel said...

Amazing!! Thank you! Hazel x

I Can Work With That said...

Sweaters can be so fun to cut up and use to make new things.
Have fun!