Thursday, April 4, 2024

Linen Scrap Skirt

 Hello Readers. I don't like to waste fabric or fabric scraps. I try find a way to use them. I made shorts from a pair of wide leg pants and thought the legs looked wide enough to use for a skirt. Let me show you.

Before and after.

I used the top of these linen pants to make a nice pair of shorts for summer. But the legs were long enough and wide enough to make something else. 

I had already cut the legs off. I was going to make a skirt from that nice linen. 

I cut the fronts and backs of the pant legs apart. 

That gave me 4 pieces of linen. 

I wanted to sew this wide cotton ribbon in between each linen piece. That will make the linen I have large enough for a skirt. 

I connected each piece of linen to this wide cotton ribbon. I alternated linen and ribbon until I had sewn them all together. Then I connected it into a tube shape.

Here is my tube. It is starting to look like a skirt!

I added a simple elastic waistband. I used a zigzag stitch to attach the elastic to the top of the skirt.

Then I turned the elastic under and stitched it again.

I pulled the waistband smooth for this last part.

After sewing the elastic shrinks back and makes this little gathered paper-bag waist look. It is a little wrinkly but the linen is going to wrinkle so they will look good together. I hemmed the bottom of the skirt and I was done.

Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

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