Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Dressember 2020; The Gray One

 Hello Readers. Can you believe we are in December 0f 2020? Every December I refashion and wear dresses all month. Dressember is an organization that fights human trafficking and modern day slavery in the US and internationally. Dressember works with other organizations to be effective in this work. You can learn more about Dressember and its founder Blythe Hill in this TED Talk. You can also visit my Dressember page

I found this gray dress on my refashion rack and I do not remember where it came from. It is very soft and stretchy. I did not like the shape on me. It just did not seem flattering. It had no shape and I looked like a gray box. 

 A gray box with little arms and legs sticking out. 

This dress fit through the shoulders and I liked the length. I decided to change the shape of the dress. It really needed a waist. I really needed a waist. Could I just add a waistband? Why not? I used my dress form and marked where I wanted the new waistband to be. 

I searched around for elastic and found this thin green elastic. I think it was meant for making underwear but I am going to step out of the norm here and use it for this dress. 

This was such an easy refashion. The shape is more flattering but it is just as comfortable as it was before. The fit is so much better. The shape is so much better. I like it so much better. I layered up to stay warm but in spring I could wear this dress alone.

Thank for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.

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