Friday, December 11, 2020

Dressember Dresses; The Denim One Again

 Hello Readers. I told you last time there are 40 million people in trafficking situations world wide. According to Dressember 1/4 of those trafficking victims is a child. That is 10 million children in our world. It is just horrifying. It makes me want to be an advocate. 

If wearing dresses and ties can help raise money to assist victims than I am all for it! Today's dress is actually the second part of my last refashion. The original denim dress had enough fabric to make a second refashion.

This dress was a refashion dream because the possibilities were endless.  

I had the entire skirt to work with. I wanted to make a jumper dress that I could layer over shirts and tights. I spread the skirt on the floor and planned out my jumper. I made the hips too curvy and had to correct that later.

I found a couple extra buttons inside the dress and put them to use. I had to add them to the bottom of the button placket to keep my new dress closed at the hemline.

I used some of the extra fabric to make shoulder straps.

My new jumper was simple and easy to wear with anything.

Thanks for reading along. Check out if you can.


KD said...

I agree! Those large loose long dresses are great for refashion possibilities. I love the dress, I love the jacket: so many styling options for each, year-round. And, if you tend to be matchy-matchy like I do, they can be worn together for a casual co-ordinated outfit. As soon as I can get to my favorite thrift stores again, I will look for a dress like yours. Thanks for these ideas to brighten our days!

I Can Work With That said...

Thanks for the comment KD! I like all the options with these pieces too. I have seen a lot of these dresses, I am sure you will find 1 or 2 you like.

RikkiB said...

Oh my goodness, I love this refashion!! I just stumbled across your blog a few days ago when I was scouting for tips on how to downsize a men’s hoodie (which turned out great btw, thank you!). I’m now looking through more of your posts. Very glad to have found your blog. 😄 Are you on Instagram?

I Can Work With That said...

Hello RikkiB,
Thanks for the kind comment. I appreciate it.
I am on IG at @chickiewu
I post pictures and updates on IG daily and on this blog twice a week.
I'm glad you found the blog and that your hoodie turned out well.
Happy sewing to you!